Sunday, May 17, 2009

it seems like 5 years..since we last met at the embassy in Tokyo.who have thought that i would bumped into her in Japan :) to count,we've known each other for almost 18years now! :D and alhamdulillah.for almost 5 years jugak she's been with her lovely fiancee.kalau dah jodoh,takkan ke mana :)

so we did a suprise party for canaz yesterday @ delicious, and dell decided to do a last minute suprise for her before she'll be getting busier for her BIG day.heaps of thanks and loves to dell for the loveliest deco ever!and alhamdulillah the cupcakes turned out to be the cutest ever!although it was a last minute thingy..thanks to all who came,for making it happened.and the party was great too!so here we go..

the girls who came

the future bride to be with her cupcakes and cute veil :)

i loveeee our goodies dell!she's definitely amazing at organizing events!superlove <3

our goodies are definitely i did have a great time!and we even went for lingerie shopping of unappropriate.haha.oh well,hope u had a great weekends to people.erin's out. much love xx

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