Tuesday, May 26, 2009

yes i really love u at first sight!why??whyy??why you do this to me??

so it wasnt my fault for falling in love with you.you're just too hot B-) *alasan* so i finally bought myself a cute pump.serious cute right?bought a sandal too.but tak kuasa plak nak amek gamba semua benda yang i beli tadi.but shopping with han was so much fun!hehe.she's another cool friend of mine.she's a traveller too!she went to thailand for almost a week!and took a train from phuket to songkra for 32 hours!dang!just to watch the songkran festival.she's crazy lah weh.she went bungee jumping in phuket.she went backpacking in europe last year.and she's doing it again this year!she cool,right?she went to jogjak and god knows where else in this world.and she's going to russia in june!wtf!

how can i not love this babe.in fact we both had this crazy thoughts of gambling to UK.with only 20K and try to survive on our own for a year!how's that?but of course mimpi lah kan..but what if we're gonna make it happen (-_-").........anyways,azz called!wahhhh rinduu..she just moved into her new house.alhamdulillah..everything's fine insyaAllah.hope to see her in july for the big day.aju texted and invited me for next week's occassion.wow so many occassions in june and i'm half way to broke now.. :B so,i was tagged by kak yan :) will definitely do it soon.thanks for voting me.ecehh..terasa cool plak B-) padahal baru je tak cool semalam sebab menangis tengok P.S I Love You :B hoh.memang sedih tau cerita tu.tengok banyak kali pun akan menangis jugak.kalau tak nak nampak obvious..sambil2 tengok cite tu..buat2 lah rajin tolong mak kupas bawang ;-) memang tak disyak wasangka sama lu punya.watched angels and demons too.big applaused to dan brown.it wasn't too religious.the storyline was neater than da vincci code.so i give him 4.5 stars ;) next movie : I Love You,Man.Transformers.Terminator Salvation and HP.

so,hot tak shoes i? (-__- ") *tiba2* gotta crash bed now.hastalavista bebeh! B-) my eyes terminate now.much love xx

p/s:i love how the picture looked like me flying in my shoes :P

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