Wednesday, May 06, 2009

bluerghhhh!!so tired.from 8am til now.i am wide awake!nama je cuti.when i said tired.means : not enough time for myself.but exam was super fine (insyaAllah) and i am now lying on my tummy.after eating copa banana superlove <3 !! not sure if i'm gonna have my dinner now.anyways,took a day off today to settle everything.but one is down,the other is upside down :( stressed!so decided to have my quality time with my lovely little ones!

meet eyman.the shy all grown up!got teeth some more!shooooo cuteeee!!

and to wind up my disconnected brain before getting all tangled up again tomorrow.bought myself a half dozen jco donuts while figuring out my life.shucks!

yep.must be the hormones.but copa banana is still super love <3 sleepy.but i wanna have my vanilla coke.but i wanna watch csi too.and eat my bakso and 5 1/2 donuts are still in the how?so cannot sleep first lah.he he.ok.let me fill my tummy first.good night!much love xx

current song : goodnight goodnight, maroon 5

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