Sunday, May 10, 2009

hey ho.i'm about to go off to bed now.damnnnn tired today.woke up at 8!rushed to get mom her bouquet of flowers ;) and off to find her chocolates (yes,i am a last minute person) and i wandered around for a while since mom's still in reached home at 10am and suprised her with the gifts!:)

she was half awake but she was quite suprised.hehe (berjaya!) so mom terus good mood.and we decided to cook nasi beryani from mom's old time favourite cookbook she compiled back then when she was in the States.and guess who taught her how to cook?minah salleh!turned out the nasi beryani was superbb!!! and i had my vanilla coke for breakfast.double superb ;p

i hope u had a great time today,ma.(she was smiling the whole day and all pumped up!;)) i know i fact,i'm all pumped out from the morning and now,i'm flat.till death do us part, off to bed now.much love xx

p/s:look at dad.he's faking 'my' style of funny!

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