Saturday, May 23, 2009

wowww!!! american idol's concert was AMAYYYYZZINNGGG!! i was like..wahhh all the songs and performance was superrrrbbb!! KISS was giler best!!! i even sang along to their song!! i remembered playing the guitar hero on that songg!! aishhh i am s0o wanna buy wii like this!B.E.P was so POW WOW!! cyndie lauper.mrAZ!! <3 Queens! and then got queen latifah also!!goshh!! semua best lah! kris is s0o good too.cute also! adam memang hebat lah! but like my dad said,he could not be fit into all stage of age.takkan tiba2 orang tua nak minat adam kan?sooo tak sesuai! (except my dad.haha) so kris and adam both deserves to was a great show ;) *nak harapkan AF or OIAM.huh!jauh panggang dari api (T__T) *

today i is superrrr happy.haha.alhamdulillah..things are getting better..altho,i should crossed out all the 'dream' list i had previously (except iphone.i soooo want it lah!) (T__T) i got my IELTS results yesterday.alhamdulillah i am qualify for the uni.tinggal fundings jeeeee...dammit u MARA! so geram right now.i hope Allah will let me find the way to get around if 'this' thing gonna happen.i have to cross ALL the list previously.seriously.well Japan,upper part of America and Iphone definitely still on the list.insyaAllah(and also bali..i dah beli tix,how?)

but deep down my heart is realllyyyyy aching.pernah tak you want something s0o bad..and your like itsy bitsy tinnie winnie je close to that thing.but there's something that stopped you from reaching for it.haihhh..sooo heart wrenching.(T__T) tapi takpelah..insyaAllah..ada rezeki..ada lah.. and i is got the mr B.. B-) too! nothing fancy.just enough for my savings.which not to be discussed boring wan lah erin like that! :P

have u heard of zee avi's new song,kantoi?so cute!!go buy her new album aite.bitter heart also nice ;) i put it on my blog,what's ur plan today? i'm going out in a bit..for SHOPPPINGGGGG !!! take care peeps!have a nice weekends! much love xx

current song : bitter heart by zee avi

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