Saturday, May 30, 2009

feels like a santa claus i am.just finished wrapping three sets of gifts.seriously..its like christmas season.except for no santa claus.huh.

tomorrow's canaz's big day.woww!!finally i get to see this lady getting hitched ;p she's really cool blur and relax :B and the next week is timi' one and only cousin who went to the same school as i did ;) alhamdulillah..she's getting married to her l0oonnnggggg time boify :) and next is izzy's.woww!three weddings in a row.dah musim,kan?i'm sorry that i couldnt go to gg's wedding.i'm not sure if nadz's going so..i rather say i cant :(

today is my besties from UPM's last day at work.sob2.she's left for miri.but she's definitely gonna be aroun.till death do us part.susah senang kat theta.dia je lah yang tauuu..we had lunch @pizza hut,'s han..the crazy one B-)

and nunun..the secret keeper..

and stella.the beloved (left) and siti (right) the gempak programmer.tsk (T__T)

this is when nunun on chicken wings high.and that's ain,the cimb girl

and just normal us :D

ye,kami sangat selekeh dan nerd.hehe.tapi kami gempak B-) hahaha.sila to bed now.big day.big soon.much love xx

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