Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wowww!!what a day!just got back from birthday treat with fin,dinner @dome and watched I Love You,Man!superrr funnyy..gelak tak hengat punya ngan feena.siap ada geng ngan cine kat sebelah gelak best!went to daiso too!O.M.G!! i super loveeee!!!made me wanna go back to japan pleaseee!! (T__T) there's s0o many things to buy!!hehee..i will go again this weekends.

i took a day off today.but my day off is definitely not for me to rest my head and laze around at home.went to the immigration in the morning to renew my off to bandung in less than a month!converted few millions rupiah.haha.feel like so damn rich right can own a damn ferrari.*mimpi* (T__T) then head to tesco for 2 fricking hours.head home..and baru nak letak kepala asked to help her cook laksa.then rushed to curve at 530.met feena.jalan2..lepak dome.then watched movie at 730.then rushed again to tesco right after tersalah beli susu!wtf?(T__T) sampai rumah,dah kol 10.cuti ke macam ni?:P but today's outing is happy emsai kong lah!ngo hai okke! hehe ;)

lil ameer was excited too,today.his walid got his day off and took him to cute!he was stoked!!balik2 with two big bags from aquaria.boleh plak dia shopping kat aquaria??teheee :D i love this picture the most!

so cuteee!!!he just cut his funny.but still,cute!<3 and this too!sebab pandai ikut gaya aunty dia tangkap gamba kat wall:P

and picture of his own cute,kan?:) eiii gerammm!!hehe.i love you,lil man!<3 i'll see u tomorrow.this week is s0o full with makan2..

jumaat : mcD
saturday : nandos
sunday : break
monday : kenny rogers
tuesday : big apple and burger king
wednesday : dome.spicy olio superlove (this is what happened when you have besties who likes to eat olio spagetti A LOT)
thursday : break (i hope)
friday : pizza hut (T__T) sumpah nak nangis dah ni!
saturday : shahnaz's wedding! nasi minyak is wajib!
sunday : seriously?what else is left to eat?!!

so tell me?what in the world am i doing with myself this week?diet suicide and i am s0o running 5kms this weeks!pfffttt! so that will be include into my to do list :

treat feena birthday treat
treat mama papa
treat ash
buy wedding gifts
bought pumps + sandal + alice (^__-)v
renew passport
convert rupiahs
run like there's not enough land (lari sampai tak cukup tanah?:D)
get the docs done for the bank A.S.A.P
start savings again.almost broke (T__T)

so pretty much most of the things to do on the list are done.but need to start savings tu payah sket.tsk.ganbare erinchunk! OoOo(-__-)oOoO yoshh!!sleeping now.erin's out.much love xx

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