Saturday, May 02, 2009

i am s0oo sleepy and tired right now.well,its almost 1.30am anyway.seriously..i have too little time for myself.i really have to know how to prioritize myself.i have 4 books to book is almost done.but everytime i flinch a page.i started to see double.ya Allah how am i supposed to get through this?? but i AM pretty tired today.need to reenergized.i am so gonna lock myself in the room tomorrow.and the day after too.seriously.i need discipline when i'm at home.once i am at work i definitely have no time for other workload is like sheesh! (kalau i tak buat..sape nak buat??) but anyhow,i am doing much better now.alhamdulillah,Allah tu Maha adil ;) i am not complaining 'that ' much compared what i used to.karimah,thanks for always giving me food for thoughts and soul.nadz thanks for keeping me 'alive'.i'm quite a zombie when i've stucked my nose in whatever i'm doing.but i am really really easily distracted.haha.but insyaAllah..i will try my best (in fact,i AM distracted right now! i am supposed to be in bed right now!! grrr) thanks to dear friends for having faith in me.i won't let you down as for now,let me go with da flow B-) ..gonna crash bed now.much love xx

p/s:i rasa macam nak iphone.macam best kan? *sigh*

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