Sunday, May 10, 2009

alhamdulillah my IELTS exam is over.i just hope for the best.nothing was freezing cold during the exam.seriously,i can't concentrate on the reading was seriously COLD.a guy in front of me is like vin diesel tough body kinda guy but at the end of the exam (it was another 5minutes left out of the whole 2 and half hours.shucks!) he called out the invigilator that he's freezing.pfft!ape daaa..badan je besar :P

anyways,i was s0o sleepy.finished the exam at 12pm.head to santai for lunch.and hit the bed as soon as i reached home.slept til 5.30pm!hoh!must be really tired.oh dear!i haven't buy anything for mom!! definitely the roses are gonna be super expensive tomorrow!dang! but hey,for my momma :)

dear mom,
if i complained on every single thing u asked me to do,i wasn't complaining or disagree.i'm just plain lazy.if i said i'll do it later,it's not your fault that you give in everytime i said's just that you spoiled me with your love.if you think you're fat,i always say you're not.because you aren''re just huggable <3 if you think i just disagree on everything you said,it's not your's me.i'm just plained stubborn.if you see us ignoring your words,don't be sad.we are's just that we're not focusing.we're working on me :P well,to the best mommy on earth.the coolest mom.the superwoman.the shoulder to cry on.and the strength that keeps me alive.i love u ma.i will try my best to make u happier every single day and till death do us part (^3^)


and to all the mothers out there.the special ones to kakak,kak dee,nadz's mom,azz's mom,lela's late mom,fizz's mom,kak noni,kak yan,kak hanim and khadijah dearie and also to my future mommies : aishah nippon,sue,aysha fahmy,eija,kak mizz and all the lovely friends of mine.may Allah bless all of you with the greatest love of all.happy mother's day to all of you.much love xx

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