Friday, May 01, 2009

is labour = bersalin? nooo rightt?hehe.i am now successfully awake!i can't sleep.too many things to think about.but a good friend rang me today.i had good food at aunty nat's and mr.saru msned me.bummer..i was out.but its okay :) a dear friend is getting engaged!not tomorrow!;p i hafta sleep.but i can't.need to shed some kilos.need to wake up early tomorrow and jog.need to study too.damn i haven't opened or flinched a page! i am such a lazy bum!i am definitely putting a study mode starting tomorrow (but takpe.malam boleh rehat :p) scrubbed my face too i feel so itchy at my face.but felt so licin :D i am worried about MARA.and i am definitely in need of back up plans.worried sick okayy..feel like nervous to think about it.please dear God,hear me out and help me too.hoping that all is gonna be ok.insyaAllah :)

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