Thursday, May 21, 2009

i'm gonna getcha some day!!pftttt!

i have so many things on my wishlists are like impossible.its either getting some of it or getting it all,or getting NONE at all!pffftt! but well its not wrong to dream right? ;) so my wishlist goes :

1)go to Japan (not in the swine flu season) -insyaAllah some day
2)buy either SLR or LOMO (maybe i should be getting minimo;) )
3)or get a leica? SILAAAA bermimpi cik erin.itu semahal hantaran mas kahwin!
4)go to Bali (ehem2..half way there ;) )
5)iphone please! superhawt.(hati dah melonjak2 kegembiraan kalau dapat beli iphone) but i still love my music express.hoh!
6)none of the above but save my money for travelling to upper part of america *mimpi ke?* (T_T)
7)but MUST go to Japan someday.
8)or *tiba2* save money for beetle. (T_T) *mimpi lagi ke?*

bestnyeee berangan kan?but insyaAllah..everything in our life..if we work for it and know where we stand.we gonna keep it real.its all in His as for now..i hanya bermimpi je.list tu adalah impian seumur hidup kut (T_T) wow! *mimpi lagi??!!!* tak salah,kan..bermimpi? teheee (-_-" )

p/s : hmm maybe i should apply the job in saudi arabia.and become a computer! *mimpi lagi??*

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