Tuesday, May 05, 2009

i had a rough day at work.i almost shouted at my boss.she just can't bare to shame herself for being imperfect.i don't mind admitting it if i was wrong.but she wanted s0o hard to point out the it wasn't hers.well guess what? a team lead comes with a team.if a team made mistakes,definitely the lead has to take the blame.nak sangat jadi team lead.sape suruh?dah dapat gaji macam cilah*** lagi mau duduk goyang kaki.whateverlah cik boss.nama pun boss.memang betul lah derang nak nama for what other people do.balachi yang buat,dia dapat nama.yang penting kalau salah,dia taknak nama dia terpampang bersalah.weirdddd!anyways,no need of wasting my energy nak marah2 orang.*not healthy*

esok cuti.amek exam.well the exam's gonna be in the evening,but i just need some time off.do some last minute practices.went to amcorp mall during lunch,bought two sets of 2meters cotton for myself *i loike* gonna make the one piece long shirt!finally,new wardrobe!this time it comes in two!hehe.hope to design it the way i want and send it to the tailor.need to renew my passport.going to bandung next month! (cepatnya masa berlalu) i seriously wanna shop cottons!!! (this is due to ecah's statement of kak shue buying tonnes of cotton like supercheap!bagus!) well despite the fight with boss kecik today,i am happy.thinking of bandung definitely made me happier.mr saru left an offline messages :"> lagi happy! and i am introduced to explosions in the sky.they are super love <3 u should listen to them!thanks to lia.they are superrrr awesome.serious.it's my first time listening to space/post rock ;) go google!layannn..i tell u <3 alritey,gotta hit sack and exploding myself to sleep now.wish me luck for tomorrow ;) much love xx

p/s: oh,i dreamt of having my own beetle.bestnyeee..i wish!! heh

current song : first breath after coma,explosions in the sky

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