Saturday, May 16, 2009

halo.i am baring2 on the bed.sambil malas2 although i'm going out in about less than 30mins.i am always like this.bila nak kuar or hangout with friends..i will always lazing aroun on the bed macam tak cukup rehat sebab kena reenergize before getting hoohaas with my darling friends.but i am still sad over ding dongs.i seriously nak cari kat OU nanti.i don't care!but if tak dapat ding dong takpe..gonna get cupcakes anyways!gosh!can't wait to suprise c*z!she tak tahu.shhhh..that we're throwing her a bachelorette party!(i hope she doesnt read my blog before our meeting :P) we so cool kan? me and dell B-) haha.i ok.i wanna get ready.get cuppcakes.fill my car tank and off for the partayy babyyy!! sneak peek : the theme's gonna be baby pink,purple and cream baby! sweet kan? i know B-)

photo by +cuppacakes

so ok.will update on the outings then ;) have a nice weekends!much love xx

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