Sunday, May 31, 2009

yesterday was dear chanaz's BIG day.alhamdulillah she's now officially mrs paigo ;P she looked great in her white nikah dress and peach dress on her reception. (so did paigo..and he's ALOT thinner now!;) i remembered calling him teddy bear to cnz.hehe)

getting ready for the reception

kak sher and me :) (yes.gambar ini masuk blog,ye kak sher :P)

ttdi friends reunite!wow!

with the newly weds.omedetou!

ayun (newly weds ;),hot ellanor,cute lil aisyah + kat,moi ;)

after 16 years.we're still in touch!;)

i had a great day.despite the burning hot weather (which has caused me a fever right now (T__T)) but its good to have old friends around you.great laughs too ;)

to canaz + paigo,
may Allah bless you always + semoga kekal akhir hayat

p/s:seriously.i am done with wedding.hehe.but wattado!i have great friends :P

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

feels like a santa claus i am.just finished wrapping three sets of gifts.seriously..its like christmas season.except for no santa claus.huh.

tomorrow's canaz's big day.woww!!finally i get to see this lady getting hitched ;p she's really cool blur and relax :B and the next week is timi' one and only cousin who went to the same school as i did ;) alhamdulillah..she's getting married to her l0oonnnggggg time boify :) and next is izzy's.woww!three weddings in a row.dah musim,kan?i'm sorry that i couldnt go to gg's wedding.i'm not sure if nadz's going so..i rather say i cant :(

today is my besties from UPM's last day at work.sob2.she's left for miri.but she's definitely gonna be aroun.till death do us part.susah senang kat theta.dia je lah yang tauuu..we had lunch @pizza hut,'s han..the crazy one B-)

and nunun..the secret keeper..

and stella.the beloved (left) and siti (right) the gempak programmer.tsk (T__T)

this is when nunun on chicken wings high.and that's ain,the cimb girl

and just normal us :D

ye,kami sangat selekeh dan nerd.hehe.tapi kami gempak B-) hahaha.sila to bed now.big day.big soon.much love xx

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wowww!!what a day!just got back from birthday treat with fin,dinner @dome and watched I Love You,Man!superrr funnyy..gelak tak hengat punya ngan feena.siap ada geng ngan cine kat sebelah gelak best!went to daiso too!O.M.G!! i super loveeee!!!made me wanna go back to japan pleaseee!! (T__T) there's s0o many things to buy!!hehee..i will go again this weekends.

i took a day off today.but my day off is definitely not for me to rest my head and laze around at home.went to the immigration in the morning to renew my off to bandung in less than a month!converted few millions rupiah.haha.feel like so damn rich right can own a damn ferrari.*mimpi* (T__T) then head to tesco for 2 fricking hours.head home..and baru nak letak kepala asked to help her cook laksa.then rushed to curve at 530.met feena.jalan2..lepak dome.then watched movie at 730.then rushed again to tesco right after tersalah beli susu!wtf?(T__T) sampai rumah,dah kol 10.cuti ke macam ni?:P but today's outing is happy emsai kong lah!ngo hai okke! hehe ;)

lil ameer was excited too,today.his walid got his day off and took him to cute!he was stoked!!balik2 with two big bags from aquaria.boleh plak dia shopping kat aquaria??teheee :D i love this picture the most!

so cuteee!!!he just cut his funny.but still,cute!<3 and this too!sebab pandai ikut gaya aunty dia tangkap gamba kat wall:P

and picture of his own cute,kan?:) eiii gerammm!!hehe.i love you,lil man!<3 i'll see u tomorrow.this week is s0o full with makan2..

jumaat : mcD
saturday : nandos
sunday : break
monday : kenny rogers
tuesday : big apple and burger king
wednesday : dome.spicy olio superlove (this is what happened when you have besties who likes to eat olio spagetti A LOT)
thursday : break (i hope)
friday : pizza hut (T__T) sumpah nak nangis dah ni!
saturday : shahnaz's wedding! nasi minyak is wajib!
sunday : seriously?what else is left to eat?!!

so tell me?what in the world am i doing with myself this week?diet suicide and i am s0o running 5kms this weeks!pfffttt! so that will be include into my to do list :

treat feena birthday treat
treat mama papa
treat ash
buy wedding gifts
bought pumps + sandal + alice (^__-)v
renew passport
convert rupiahs
run like there's not enough land (lari sampai tak cukup tanah?:D)
get the docs done for the bank A.S.A.P
start savings again.almost broke (T__T)

so pretty much most of the things to do on the list are done.but need to start savings tu payah sket.tsk.ganbare erinchunk! OoOo(-__-)oOoO yoshh!!sleeping now.erin's out.much love xx

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it was only 24hours earlier.she called me.asking about the card.and guess what?there it is..the silver-white envelope :)

seeing the sends shiver right into me.yes.the nervous wreck.the joy and the itsy bitsy tinny winny sadness awashed me.with that little note she attached.i almost cried.that cute lil handwritting :P aiyooo..bila mau tukar?? :P

rindunyeeeeee...seriouslyyyy..i wish you were here.don't have to work so that we can go lepak minum at curve or rasta.or maybe drop by your house after work borak2.aishhh...but i think its better to be afar.because later if we live like 10mins away we will not miss each other that much,rite? ;) i love the card!the feeling of it when u slowly touch the surface,the emboss.wowww!! serious rasa macam (T__T) and i love you too of cos!really looking forward for july..and perhaps we'll be 2 hours away soon ;) hope to see u soon your wedding dress <3 much love xx

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yes i really love u at first sight!why??whyy??why you do this to me??

so it wasnt my fault for falling in love with're just too hot B-) *alasan* so i finally bought myself a cute pump.serious cute right?bought a sandal too.but tak kuasa plak nak amek gamba semua benda yang i beli tadi.but shopping with han was so much fun!hehe.she's another cool friend of mine.she's a traveller too!she went to thailand for almost a week!and took a train from phuket to songkra for 32 hours!dang!just to watch the songkran festival.she's crazy lah weh.she went bungee jumping in phuket.she went backpacking in europe last year.and she's doing it again this year!she cool,right?she went to jogjak and god knows where else in this world.and she's going to russia in june!wtf!

how can i not love this fact we both had this crazy thoughts of gambling to UK.with only 20K and try to survive on our own for a year!how's that?but of course mimpi lah kan..but what if we're gonna make it happen (-_-").........anyways,azz called!wahhhh rinduu..she just moved into her new house.alhamdulillah..everything's fine insyaAllah.hope to see her in july for the big day.aju texted and invited me for next week's so many occassions in june and i'm half way to broke now.. :B so,i was tagged by kak yan :) will definitely do it soon.thanks for voting me.ecehh..terasa cool plak B-) padahal baru je tak cool semalam sebab menangis tengok P.S I Love You :B hoh.memang sedih tau cerita tu.tengok banyak kali pun akan menangis jugak.kalau tak nak nampak obvious..sambil2 tengok cite tu..buat2 lah rajin tolong mak kupas bawang ;-) memang tak disyak wasangka sama lu punya.watched angels and demons too.big applaused to dan wasn't too religious.the storyline was neater than da vincci i give him 4.5 stars ;) next movie : I Love You,Man.Transformers.Terminator Salvation and HP.

so,hot tak shoes i? (-__- ") *tiba2* gotta crash bed now.hastalavista bebeh! B-) my eyes terminate now.much love xx

p/s:i love how the picture looked like me flying in my shoes :P

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

morningggg..i am s0o hungry right now.i ate vanila coke for dinner.sarsi for supper.yeah..two canned drinks in a row.but i am so addicted to vanilla coke.and it really irritates me when i asked for vanilla coke,they will say they don't have it.

scenario one @delicious one utama :

waitress: can i have ur order please?
(dalam hati nak je cakap : order is mine.yours is yours!haha.ok,lame)

me: u have vanilla coke?

waitress : what??? vanilla what?
(dahlah rupa memang sah2 bukan malaysian.slang dia irritating giler.pastu bila cakap macam aku ni yang tak faham english..siap buat muka macam aku ni tak pandai baca order!!)

(i know its not in the menu,mana tau tiba2 dia lupa nak include:P)

waitress : no marm we donk heave anny vanilla coke here

(sambil buat muka.macam shialll)

dalam hati..sumpah seranah.kut ye pun takde..tak payah buat muka.aku yang bayar gaji dia kut kalau dia amek order elok2.pffttt!dahlah slang english dia macam sumpah aku tak faham.selalu pegi delicious memang agak bengang dengan waiter2 derang yang sangat stucked yeah..if takde vanilla coke.cakap elok2.tu je.senang.

then i go to rasta.hello!! rasta wehhh..should have THIS kind of coke.sebab vanilla coke is super cool tau.(ok.maybe to me je kut :P) so i went and ask :

me : bang,ada vanilla coke?

abang amek order : :D takde ..

me : hmph..okay.takpe2..

walaupun hampa.tapi tak marah sangat.sebab abang tu sengih.sedar diri yang dia tu ambil order je.tak payah nak buat2 muka macam bagus kedai dia tak jual vanilla coke.padahal vanilla coke tu sangat cool kalau diminum di rasta B-)

so begitulah..i think that everywhere should have vanilla coke.for addicts like hungry lah.i want to go eat laksa johor lah =p~ and go to some syiokkkkpinggg..and watch angels and demon ;) ingat nak pegi syiokping DVD many DVDs havent watched yet.i miss lela.i always love going to her house and she has all the latest dvds.haha (nampak sangat kaki cetak rompak) yesterday she called me all the way from norway.hehe.rinduuuuuu!! i was so happy to hear her voice.then the GREAT news too! wow!woww!! august is definitely gonna have a new baju to wear for azz's and a*n** hehe.whoooopss!! ok.i gotta go.so0o hungry.have a nice weekends peeps!much love xx

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

wowww!!! american idol's concert was AMAYYYYZZINNGGG!! i was like..wahhh all the songs and performance was superrrrbbb!! KISS was giler best!!! i even sang along to their song!! i remembered playing the guitar hero on that songg!! aishhh i am s0o wanna buy wii like this!B.E.P was so POW WOW!! cyndie lauper.mrAZ!! <3 Queens! and then got queen latifah also!!goshh!! semua best lah! kris is s0o good too.cute also! adam memang hebat lah! but like my dad said,he could not be fit into all stage of age.takkan tiba2 orang tua nak minat adam kan?sooo tak sesuai! (except my dad.haha) so kris and adam both deserves to was a great show ;) *nak harapkan AF or OIAM.huh!jauh panggang dari api (T__T) *

today i is superrrr happy.haha.alhamdulillah..things are getting better..altho,i should crossed out all the 'dream' list i had previously (except iphone.i soooo want it lah!) (T__T) i got my IELTS results yesterday.alhamdulillah i am qualify for the uni.tinggal fundings jeeeee...dammit u MARA! so geram right now.i hope Allah will let me find the way to get around if 'this' thing gonna happen.i have to cross ALL the list previously.seriously.well Japan,upper part of America and Iphone definitely still on the list.insyaAllah(and also bali..i dah beli tix,how?)

but deep down my heart is realllyyyyy aching.pernah tak you want something s0o bad..and your like itsy bitsy tinnie winnie je close to that thing.but there's something that stopped you from reaching for it.haihhh..sooo heart wrenching.(T__T) tapi takpelah..insyaAllah..ada rezeki..ada lah.. and i is got the mr B.. B-) too! nothing fancy.just enough for my savings.which not to be discussed boring wan lah erin like that! :P

have u heard of zee avi's new song,kantoi?so cute!!go buy her new album aite.bitter heart also nice ;) i put it on my blog,what's ur plan today? i'm going out in a bit..for SHOPPPINGGGGG !!! take care peeps!have a nice weekends! much love xx

current song : bitter heart by zee avi

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

i'm gonna getcha some day!!pftttt!

i have so many things on my wishlists are like impossible.its either getting some of it or getting it all,or getting NONE at all!pffftt! but well its not wrong to dream right? ;) so my wishlist goes :

1)go to Japan (not in the swine flu season) -insyaAllah some day
2)buy either SLR or LOMO (maybe i should be getting minimo;) )
3)or get a leica? SILAAAA bermimpi cik erin.itu semahal hantaran mas kahwin!
4)go to Bali (ehem2..half way there ;) )
5)iphone please! superhawt.(hati dah melonjak2 kegembiraan kalau dapat beli iphone) but i still love my music express.hoh!
6)none of the above but save my money for travelling to upper part of america *mimpi ke?* (T_T)
7)but MUST go to Japan someday.
8)or *tiba2* save money for beetle. (T_T) *mimpi lagi ke?*

bestnyeee berangan kan?but insyaAllah..everything in our life..if we work for it and know where we stand.we gonna keep it real.its all in His as for now..i hanya bermimpi je.list tu adalah impian seumur hidup kut (T_T) wow! *mimpi lagi??!!!* tak salah,kan..bermimpi? teheee (-_-" )

p/s : hmm maybe i should apply the job in saudi arabia.and become a computer! *mimpi lagi??*

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i am torn between swine flu and limited cash.haha.damn u swine flu!and damn you MAS for fixing damn unreasonable price to Japan for coming April.well,i got a package from Japan last friday.yep another thoughtful gift from my best friend in Japan,Yuki Ieda!(seriously i miss her s0o much!) and the moment i received the parcel..i started to feel something..there must be a reason for these wonderful gifts.

as soon as i opened up the box.i saw my favourite pocky (wajib dapat every year!haha) and some osenbe from Japan.and a CARD

yes that lovely sakura card.and as i was reading thru her words..i saw "kekkon shiki" and i was like "WHATTTTT?!!! she's getting married!!" happy happy happy happy \(^0^)/

last time she came to Malaysia..she was having this hard time with her ex.and lucky her!she met another guy right after she came to Malaysia (-_- ") and here he is!

mr i-forgot-to-ask-his-name.hehehe

i am so happy for her.that she's getting married this june!OMG!she makes me wanna go to Japan,right now!so i terus check on the MAS website and found a two ways tix for MYR2097!!with tax and all!what the hell?!! memang nak pegi lah kannnnn!!! haihhh if there's no swine flu and i am not stucked here.i am so going to Japan right this very minute.what do u think?is it ok to go Japan this June? (i wanna see her wedding..but I wanna see sakura in April too and the tix is double!(T_T) ) much love xx

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

it seems like 5 years..since we last met at the embassy in Tokyo.who have thought that i would bumped into her in Japan :) to count,we've known each other for almost 18years now! :D and alhamdulillah.for almost 5 years jugak she's been with her lovely fiancee.kalau dah jodoh,takkan ke mana :)

so we did a suprise party for canaz yesterday @ delicious, and dell decided to do a last minute suprise for her before she'll be getting busier for her BIG day.heaps of thanks and loves to dell for the loveliest deco ever!and alhamdulillah the cupcakes turned out to be the cutest ever!although it was a last minute thingy..thanks to all who came,for making it happened.and the party was great too!so here we go..

the girls who came

the future bride to be with her cupcakes and cute veil :)

i loveeee our goodies dell!she's definitely amazing at organizing events!superlove <3

our goodies are definitely i did have a great time!and we even went for lingerie shopping of unappropriate.haha.oh well,hope u had a great weekends to people.erin's out. much love xx

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

halo.i am baring2 on the bed.sambil malas2 although i'm going out in about less than 30mins.i am always like this.bila nak kuar or hangout with friends..i will always lazing aroun on the bed macam tak cukup rehat sebab kena reenergize before getting hoohaas with my darling friends.but i am still sad over ding dongs.i seriously nak cari kat OU nanti.i don't care!but if tak dapat ding dong takpe..gonna get cupcakes anyways!gosh!can't wait to suprise c*z!she tak tahu.shhhh..that we're throwing her a bachelorette party!(i hope she doesnt read my blog before our meeting :P) we so cool kan? me and dell B-) haha.i ok.i wanna get ready.get cuppcakes.fill my car tank and off for the partayy babyyy!! sneak peek : the theme's gonna be baby pink,purple and cream baby! sweet kan? i know B-)

photo by +cuppacakes

so ok.will update on the outings then ;) have a nice weekends!much love xx

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

*sigh* went to mercato sign of ding dongs.the search will continue this weekends.dang!

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this is what happened when you watch too many asthon on twitter and ustream.shucks!i am now drooling at the ding dongs (although i know it looked like the typical 'HERO',that chocolate cake in a pack thing,back then when we were kids) this crazy guy is cuckoorayzeee!! remember i told you about the CNN vs ashton on ustream.gosh!! guess what? now he's ding dong ditching his friend,ted at the CNN!! (main reason is because this 'ted' guy doesn't have a bell at his house (kut) )he even put his flag on top of the CNN!you rock lah man! tak sia-sia i minat u!

can you see that @aplusk sign?that is ashton's in twitter.and what's even heart wrenching is when he was giving away a VAN of ding dongs to whoever on the streets!! at first he gave like one ding dongs for everyone.and suddenly he was like "just give them a case! i have a van of ding dong here to give away" (T_T) a case?? that's like TWELVE DING DONGS!! tak ke melt melt.dahlah baik hati.handsome plak tu.i wish i was on that street this :

he is majorrrrr truant man!!ur da man!!and he even rang a HUGE bell under ted's HUGE one!! u wanna see more? go here : ashton ding dong ditched ted turner haha.ok..enough on ashton.i'm going to find a ding dong in a bit.btw,this is how ding dongs looked like

i'm seriously gonna find one kejap lagi :P serious drool lah weh!

p/s:stay tuned for the updates :p

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

its starts today!miss boss kecik is out of the office for a month!and today,i have N.O things to do.but to wait for the orang bank to test on my program fixes.i am currently addicted to ashton kutcher on twitter and ustream.he's so funny lah.ada ke patut,he gets online.get on ustream,and raced with CNN beat them on how many viewers are watching CNN compared to watching him.and he won!more than 1million people watched him.*cuckkorayzee* then he was about to open a bottle of wine (with his own hands without the corkscrew) to celebrate lah opened! (cork is not easily open okay) and spilled on his 'new' macbook!good job ashton!:P you are my superhero!haha.oh,i can also see demi moore besides him during the video.they are so good together, fight fight one ;p (what's the point erin,cakap jelah jealous)

do you have an addiction?a fetish that you can't explain.for example,smelling ur boyfriend's armpit.(sumpah wangi tau.if they wear the right thing lah.haha) or maybe biting people ( i do that to everyone!even biting my dad,my lil nephew,and lil bro :P) well my addiction is baca percaya ke? :P addiction is to drag my mouse.go to facebook,then typed 'P*** *****' at the search button.haha.takde keje kan?but i tell u.if that page has nuffnang.orang tu boleh kaya.serious.if i'm a stalker.i can tell who's ur friend got married last week,what u did with ur mom last week semua..(duhh..last week semua orang celebrate mother's day kuttt) semua semua lah.tapi saya bukan dun worry ;) but yes,my current affiliation is keeping updated with mr.saru.heh.and drinking tea.without fail,every single tell me,is this fetish unhealthy or just innocent addiction ;p much love xx

current song : world hold on,bob sinclar

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

just had my vanilla coke and hershey kisses.what a goood day i'm having right now.but i don't like the bank people a.k.a client a.k.a user yang malas nak ikut FRS and user guide.and hoping that we can always pick up the phone and figure out the error they did.bullshit.the bank people is so troublesome i tell u.they're like 24hours busy and they tend to pile up our work after 5!they even call at 6pm!that's like our 'balik' time!where is ur life people??

since miss boss kecik will be away for a month.and i will definitely hafta handle the bugs on my own (T_T) scarrryy..because i know what is like to be handling the bank people,alone.(oh,kepada sesapa yang kerja bank.anda tidak termasuk dalam post ini.saya hanya tuju kepada client saya sahaja.terpaksa am kan panggilan supaya tidak dikesan oleh orang ramai siapakah yang dituju dalam post ini.sekian) so besides working today..i am twittering.haha.its kinda fun.although ntah papa.but fun!:) anyways,it was super fun to talk to nuren (ok.nak tergelak again!) she made the funniest statement ever!and O.M.G nuwen!pleaseeeee..don't do that me,girls and boys CAN NOT be JUST friends.remember?? :P

went to wm.did the order.wallahh~ final touch is the people and the props.finger crossed babes.don't ruin this.i'm expecting uber fun-ness! :D and its only 3 days left.better make it happen ;) so many people getting married nowadays.i am not worried that i'm not getting married.but i'm worried that time flew dayme fast,man!ape dia ingat dia forest gump ke? "run forrest!run!".pfftt!whatsoever,i know i'm turning two five this!big number,big responsibility.(tiba2 ingat big apple!:P) erin,focus focus!!ok2 jap..jap..ok dah.nak tido :P much love xx

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

hey ho.i'm about to go off to bed now.damnnnn tired today.woke up at 8!rushed to get mom her bouquet of flowers ;) and off to find her chocolates (yes,i am a last minute person) and i wandered around for a while since mom's still in reached home at 10am and suprised her with the gifts!:)

she was half awake but she was quite suprised.hehe (berjaya!) so mom terus good mood.and we decided to cook nasi beryani from mom's old time favourite cookbook she compiled back then when she was in the States.and guess who taught her how to cook?minah salleh!turned out the nasi beryani was superbb!!! and i had my vanilla coke for breakfast.double superb ;p

i hope u had a great time today,ma.(she was smiling the whole day and all pumped up!;)) i know i fact,i'm all pumped out from the morning and now,i'm flat.till death do us part, off to bed now.much love xx

p/s:look at dad.he's faking 'my' style of funny!

current song : not exactly,deadmau5

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alhamdulillah my IELTS exam is over.i just hope for the best.nothing was freezing cold during the exam.seriously,i can't concentrate on the reading was seriously COLD.a guy in front of me is like vin diesel tough body kinda guy but at the end of the exam (it was another 5minutes left out of the whole 2 and half hours.shucks!) he called out the invigilator that he's freezing.pfft!ape daaa..badan je besar :P

anyways,i was s0o sleepy.finished the exam at 12pm.head to santai for lunch.and hit the bed as soon as i reached home.slept til 5.30pm!hoh!must be really tired.oh dear!i haven't buy anything for mom!! definitely the roses are gonna be super expensive tomorrow!dang! but hey,for my momma :)

dear mom,
if i complained on every single thing u asked me to do,i wasn't complaining or disagree.i'm just plain lazy.if i said i'll do it later,it's not your fault that you give in everytime i said's just that you spoiled me with your love.if you think you're fat,i always say you're not.because you aren''re just huggable <3 if you think i just disagree on everything you said,it's not your's me.i'm just plained stubborn.if you see us ignoring your words,don't be sad.we are's just that we're not focusing.we're working on me :P well,to the best mommy on earth.the coolest mom.the superwoman.the shoulder to cry on.and the strength that keeps me alive.i love u ma.i will try my best to make u happier every single day and till death do us part (^3^)


and to all the mothers out there.the special ones to kakak,kak dee,nadz's mom,azz's mom,lela's late mom,fizz's mom,kak noni,kak yan,kak hanim and khadijah dearie and also to my future mommies : aishah nippon,sue,aysha fahmy,eija,kak mizz and all the lovely friends of mine.may Allah bless all of you with the greatest love of all.happy mother's day to all of you.much love xx

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

bluerghhhh!!so tired.from 8am til now.i am wide awake!nama je cuti.when i said tired.means : not enough time for myself.but exam was super fine (insyaAllah) and i am now lying on my tummy.after eating copa banana superlove <3 !! not sure if i'm gonna have my dinner now.anyways,took a day off today to settle everything.but one is down,the other is upside down :( stressed!so decided to have my quality time with my lovely little ones!

meet eyman.the shy all grown up!got teeth some more!shooooo cuteeee!!

and to wind up my disconnected brain before getting all tangled up again tomorrow.bought myself a half dozen jco donuts while figuring out my life.shucks!

yep.must be the hormones.but copa banana is still super love <3 sleepy.but i wanna have my vanilla coke.but i wanna watch csi too.and eat my bakso and 5 1/2 donuts are still in the how?so cannot sleep first lah.he he.ok.let me fill my tummy first.good night!much love xx

current song : goodnight goodnight, maroon 5

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