Thursday, April 16, 2009

hey peeps!i had been s0o lazy to update my blog lately.super bz i am.i am starting to construct my life from now on.i need to keep on track all the things i need to spend on.or whatever i've been needing to do.loads of things need to be done in 6 weeks.and trust me,6 weeks are like a blink of an eye since i started my working life years ago.except that u need to blink 6 times ;p

mr saru is still keeping in touch.but he's off to travel soon.can u believe it?i have this one friend i met during the PAC (the PTD assessment center).we were in the same group.we only met once.and yet she's still in touch with me.just to check on me once a while.and yesterday~ she texted me just to let me know that she got the PTD thing!so nice of her kan?i'm happy for her too.she seems cool somemore.she deserves it :) me,on the other news from the PTD exam yet.well,i heard that the government is freezing any acceptance.soo0 that bring us to 'me'.i went to MARA and ask around on the 'sponsorship'.very cuak ok.because i don't mind IELTS.i don't mind reference letter.but sponsorship is like 50-50,i am very very nervous about this.i met the 'man' and he said they are freezing any sponsorship at the moment.unless for undergraduate students.aiyark!so,lets hope mr 'man' will help me out.huuuuuu

as for work,alhamdulillah.things are starting to fall into places now.mrs boss is not getting on my nerves anymore.after the confirmation..i'm all pumped out for work now despite the fact i am still leaving the company soon (insyaAllah after bonus).i need to get my 'part' before leaving the meanwhile,all i need is to keep things on track.plan my future.and get married.haha.the last part was a yeah,that's why i have nothing much to blog life's pretty bored lately.but i am working on it ;) (serious i rasa i kena sampuk lah masa kat perhentian.i've been soo fudging malas nak update blog lately) anyhow,i'm meeting lel on saturday, need to check on the IELTS.before she's leaving.need to do last minute catch up too.and i hope to see nadz on sunday morning for breakfast pretty much my weekends' booked.hehe.ok peeps,have a nice day ;) much love xx

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