Thursday, April 30, 2009

hello!!whattt a dayy!! yesterday was hillllarriousss!! went to watch paul blart : mall cop with my collegues and we were laughing our lungs out!!! sumpah kelakar!! you should watch it! he's actually a student in a police academy.and he keeps on failing.seriously,he's all pumped out and he was about to complete the test butttt!! he's a when he was about to complete his test (to become a policeman,he has to complete the physcial test)...almost at the finishing line..he suddenly knocked out!!! because he was low on sugar!! aduihhhh!! so funny lah this man!

altho he failed the test..he was s0 keen to be a police.even when he was just working as the mall cop!! (HAHAHA) there was a part when he actually fined an old man in the mall for driving the mobile chair too fast in the crowded mall! and the old man memang tak layan aa kannn!! XD

OMG you should watch it!i was laughing like mad!! go here : paul blart official website and guess what?? the movie was about to 5mins left..suddenly the movie film burned!! can you believe it? YES! betul2 nih..the film suddenly become like bzzzt bzzzt!poof!all the lights off! ape lagi! hilang mood okayyy!! baru nak feel happy2 for the ending >:( but after a while,the movie went on we DID watch the movie till the end.but tak best lah coz the movie went off for almost 10mins!! s0oo lantaklah although suddenly the movie went on again ke ape kan..but our mood already terganggu when we were expecting for the happy there's one pakcik complained and we got free tickets for that!! weeee~~!! i am so gonna watch xmen/transformers for free!! ;) well i guess you just get lucky with people named 'paul'.haha.okay peeps!am off to aunty nat's for lunch.yum2.have a nice weekends!

selamat hari pekerja kuli kuli sekalian !! :P

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