Saturday, April 11, 2009

dear azz,

i am writing to you all the way from Malaysia.I hope you are doing fine.How's the weather today?I went out with lela today.we went for a movie called "He's not that into you" which made me and lela laughed at most of the time!well it kinda hit both of us i guess :P then we went for lunch @ delicious.yummy food i tell you.maybe we should go there when you're back.then we went for DVD hunting.lela and aju bought like 20 dvds!!it was funny though.the sales person lost counted the price!i guess we're toooo confusing and undecisive.then we went to the new renovated wondermilk which still,you have not been there.bummer!then we went to mimi's house and THEN we went for baseball back @ was awesome.we get to hit 15hits on each token.i hit 6/15 ;) then it started to rain.but i had a great time though :) anyways,how's your day?

OH! HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY.O.M.G you're a quarter of century does it feel to be old?haha.i kid.i kid.i hope you'll have a great time with amir of course.i wish i could throw you a birthday bash.but i guess i'll hug you from far!! HUGEEEEE HUGGG for you!!! \(^3^)/ with a kiss.muuacckss! anyways,guess who's gonna join u in london next week?haha.yep.that miss drama queen of ours of cos! (haha.lel no offends) well at least you won't be too bored working so hard,right? anyways,i gotta go.i miss you s0oo much!!! oh,i stumbled upon this picture!;)

i miss us!you,me and nadz! and i miss my long face!hahaha.(i think i gained weight) so..see u in 3 months or less alrites!hope you had a superawesome you to i mean bits.hehe.u take care!!! till then..

xx erin

p/s: it's been a while we didn't do snail mail.i hope u like this one!;o)

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