Tuesday, April 28, 2009

did i tell u i cut my own fringe?gosh!now i menyesal!cos my hair turned out like wolverine's hair.except longer.haha.ok exaggarate.it was damn hot lately.so i decided to cut my own hair too.now it's back to shoulder length.slightly longer coz i love layerings.so..besides cutting my own hair.guess who's still keeping his hair long??

yes.haji a.samad said (mom said she went haji with him last year.ntah2 dah banyak kali dia pegi ;p) saya rasa saya pose sangat pelik and somehow my pants looked senteng!haha.well,this picture was taken when i met him at the book fair yesterday with kaem!

sempat lepak kejap je ngan kaem.because kaem tak puas round the book fair yet.me on the other hand,sangat tak larat nak berasak2 in the crowd.plus,tak tau nak cari buku apa pun.but i was there to meet up aju to borrow her books pun.very strategic place for books exchange huh?;p i used to bump into a samad said in bangsar.so bila tangkap gamba dengan dia rasa cam "ape nak cakap eh?" in english ke bahasa sastera??hihi.but he is s0o cool i tell u!;) after that i decided to head home and i wanted to watch paul blart : mall cop.but no tickets yang sesuai.so end up...buying a weighing scale!finally!!;p and bought myself a nice cooling caramel frap..teheee..

then i headed home.i was s0ooo bored to death.that i was s0o sleepy even it was only 8pm!so i decided to amuse myself and went to my friend's birthday party..last minute (sebab ingatkan taknak pegi since it was s0oooo HOTTT last night!)

i was only wearing a tshirt and ready to sleep in it :P but i decided to drop by to wish her happy birthday and grab a small piece of her birthday cake.it was yummy though..so yeah.i rushed back home and dozed off at 1am.what a weekend!need to get my ass to study for my papers soon.and today!is the best day ever.no boss.no work.i went back at 6pm sharp!and now.i am going off to bed because tomorrow is definitely a disaster!have a nice tuesday! much love xx

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