Friday, April 10, 2009 both lil' boss and big boss' not work?of course i have.but it needed me to look at these thousands coding of course.(apelah keje erin selain tak melihat coding.hari2 macam makan nasi.coding=nasi) so,did i tell you about 'letting go' before? i don't think so, lets me share with you something..well i came across this quote :

"The hardest thing in life is to maintain personal relationships and to feel like they're real and genuine"

well do you know that these words were from the Twilight heroin,Kirsten.i kinda believe in the same thing + relationship = not yet.well i am not saying that there was never anyone.they were mutual but never was the real and genuine one,yet.maybe i'm just unlucky.but i am not fact,i can't imagine myself standing next to a guy (or even a girl.ahaha.jk) so i end up being tangled in so-called mutual but not so real me,i never spoke on this WHOLE my life.on blog!if you're one of those people who has s0o God knows how many crushes..welcome to the club ;) so back to the topic of letting go..

i have s0oo many 'letting go's in my life.i have like,two,three,urm..four,wait..five..six..and the last one should be seven :P whatever it is..i realized that,throughout the years..i learned to let's not like you have to HAVE the mutual feelings.or IN relationship to actually let go of something that you're hold on it can be your job,your feelings for someone,your anger,your love,your hatred or even someone you loved.i believe that in order to get something that you realllllly want in your life,is to actually letting go 'something'.something like,i had this HUGEST (if there's such word) 'thing' that I was holding on too.and trust me,i really really wish i could still hold on to it until now.but i realized that it hurt me s0o much much much.tsk.BUT,one fine day..i was half way through tears and God knows how many times tu takpayah citelah kan..i was s0o i decided to let it took quite some time.but somehow..that's the best thing to do..

it was hard.but you really really have to mean it when you said it.because if you still have 'that' slightest of feeling of 'not letting go'.then it'll be soo soo much have to accept no matter how hard it's gonna be.let it be weeks,months or years.ko menangis lah berbaldi2'll heal :) so this is what happened to me.i let go.and alhamdulillah..after a week later..i got something beyondd my expectation.i got BIGGER things than those i was holding on.seriously.i don't expect this.and when i tend to look back of what i've let go.things were s0o much easier.the ache : NADA.gone!you see.the magic of letting go.if you feel s0o hard to hold on something.let it be your job,your bf,your gf,your belongings,your car,your clothes.LET IT GO!it will feel so much better.and good things are more to come.insyaAllah..and you have nothing to loose (well except for the guy you had crushed on of course) haha.but as i said,it doesnt have to be a person or's whatever you're holding on to.if it's so hard to let go,there must be something BIGGER and BETTER to come ;) so let it go.insyaAllah.don't you think so?

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