Thursday, April 02, 2009

hey mind is still stucked in the soul is barely heart was never here.i wish i could stay there forever.but reality checked!i am back in KL.damn.i know.perhentian was super awesomeness.i would die to be there.the food was great.i think i was overfed.haha.and it's my first time using my underwater camera casing.and it is SUPERBB.i love u DiCaPac <3 we chased turtles like mad.we saw sharks (note: don't go swim there when ur 'datang bulan' not so funny ok!) but no picture cos not a good view.s0o garang the face.scarry.and i saw loads and loads of dory! =D

so,let me feed your that you feel the ache of wanting to be there now.haha.enjoy!

welcome to the underworld ;)

the real world is yet dreamy..

so..amacam? lets go?my brain is damaged.lets make yours too ;) much love xx

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