Thursday, April 09, 2009

woww!i had been s0o lousy to update travelling blog is polapola too.had been too preoccupied with work.not that busy,but i wasn't in a mood to brain is dead.period.but starts to work three great news.i am finally 'THE' analyst programmer.ya Allah after all these while?? but i am thankful for whatever it is.good things unfold slowly.the letter is on its way.official ones.and all i have to do is get the for the time being,i'm living in the moment.missing saru mang.but its good that i could finally get hold of people i missed.nuren's back.kicking and alive.saru is off to travel san fran,vic then india.amazing huh?azz pscyhed about her new house.nadz is beyonnd happiness with en hubby now.fizz's all busy preparing for her big day.lela's making her way to become the next geoglogyst ;)

i have wonderful friends i tell you.the one who will leave u voicemails just to wish you happy birthday because u were asleep on ur birthday eve.who'll call you just to say they missed you.who'll text you at wee hours just to say 'how's it going?' :) i guess they have no time in the morning to check on me ;p and those who'll give you amazing gifts.and throw you a suprise party perhaps.(oh i realized i never had suprise party.haha.) the kind who'll just dropped by your house to say helo.isn't that sweet?i'm blessed.i finally see that karma's making its way.kindness unfolds.great stories are about to begin.and i hope all of us will get 'the greatest' love,from above.don't you feel blessed with people around you right now?i do ;) night night.much love xx

p/s:thanks missy hunny for your phonecall.i surely missed u <3

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