Thursday, March 26, 2009

what i like about you

what does jason mraz,jack johnson and kokokaina has in common?

superb music.wicked guitar play.great voice and care for the people in the world ;o)

i saw the video by zee avi a.k.a kokokaina - an introduction.she is superrrrbbb!finally the world is letting her out.i bet you,she will be famous all around the world! anyways,she was borned in Miri,Sarawak!hello borneo!;) and she has superrrrrbb voice.and she's doing her album in LA! superb kan? her album is coming out in May 19th!i definitely looking forward to have one!i adore her big BIG BIGGER BIGGEST time!<3

and this guy!i superheart his voice.guitar.and his better together song.and he has his own foundation named Kokua Hawaii Foundation which means help in cool is that?first koko kokua ;) i think these people are awesome!they do music for charity.for the people,for the made me think that their music is not just superb but beyond they can share their piece of mind in the language where all people could understand : music.

just like my beloved mrAZ <3 who contributed for a foundation called mottanai charity while he was in Japan.i'm really amused with him.touring around the world,doing what he does best : spreading his love to his fans and all people around the world. (i love your forever jason!haha) isn't it cool?all these favourite people of mine seems to amaze me.knowing what they want to do in life.i wish i was them ;) but u am thankful for whatever i have right now.i have a job,a car,lovely friends and superrrrbbb loving family :) and one thing for sure..i'm off to the island tomorrow.and what do I have in common with these three people?

we love oceans ;)

off to long beach now.see u next week ;) much love xx

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