Monday, March 16, 2009

vous et moi

what a day!the weather was great.i had a great time with good friends.and most of dearie bestie is officially engaged.she looked pretty (pernah ke dia tak pernah pretty?:P) in peachy orange dress and make up by aleng tohara.she was glowing =) alhamdulillah.the ceremony started as early as 11.30 and ended at 3pm.well at least we DO know we were the last person to leave the place ;p there were and hikma.we had good food and good laughs.i bet she is relieved reach her dream : getting married at 25? hehe.i kid.i kid.i'm happy for u fizz!!

congratulations babe!

you're blessed.insyaAllah it will last forever <3

snapshots!of course ;)

nadz house : leaving for fiza's engagement

my hungry face.lapar lapar lapar!!

hantaran to bed now.another hectic week before P.I baby <3 nite nite.much love xx

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