Tuesday, March 24, 2009

that's it.i'm done.

do you know?

a)i think i've gained weight but still looked small?

b)i am tired of waiting.and giving up?

c)my bed squeaked when i climbed the bed? (meaning saya dah heavy?)

d)my chunkie is coming back next monday (yeay!!) for good!

e)i'm going for a deep sea vacation in 2 days! (double yeay!)

f)i hate waiting.BIG time!

g)it's ok to give a second chance? (i DO believe in second chance)

h)i can't see myself in next two years.make it next year.bummer.

i)i'm happy coz esok gaji and wanna see movie.haha!

j)i have a friend who i owe her BIG time dearly.and i know she doesnt need me to say it out loud that i really treasure her..(yes,its u,miss bp)

k)i hate wondering what ifs..when there's whole bunch of things better to think off

l)i am too friendly that i wanna make friends with my own manager.but she taknak.so teruk kan?

m)i miss saru mang badly.dokoni ittano??

n)i'm sleepy but i'm happy because i got this!

ok enough till 'n' because nur zaireen needs to sleep.have a good night!much love xx

current song : someone you used to know,koko kaina

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