Saturday, March 14, 2009

terima kasih mrs naga <3

arigato haip!i love u miss naga!!what a tiring day.i just got back from work and i saw this in my mails.

mom terus cakap "dari yuki" (note : yuki is my friend from J) i was like "'s from kak yana yang beli kucing tu maaa" teeheee..thanks mrs naga!the postcard so cool lah!i super love!i am s0o gonna letak at my cermin =) u must be my favourite.he he.

so cantits!i <3 seahorse.orang pertama bagi saya seahorse ( i think seahorse is so unique.i don't know why people call it a horse.i still think it's a type of a fish ;) ) haih.made my day =) ok need to sleep now.tomorrow got interview.j-style baby.horror!wish me luck.snothing all the way~ much love xx

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