Thursday, March 19, 2009

somewhere over the rainbow

today i see rainbow again.i was walking to my car after work.saw the rainbow and it made me feel i'm lucky today :)

went back early from work,well of course because i'm done with my task.glad glad.and i planned to watch marley & me.funny thing is that me and farihan went to buy the tix after work.wanted to watch the 8pm movie and we decided to watch at TGV one,we bought the tix.bought the food.entered the hall and waited.the clock's almost 815pm.the movie should be starting anytime soon.but there was just me and han.and two other with a kid.the hall was no movie is going to i said to han "aku pegi check luar jap.mana tau orang tu lupa nak pasang tape wayang" hoho.dengan konfidennye..i went outside.i heard people laughing at a i sneaked in.and there was it! marley & me! started like 15mins ago?!! we entered the wrong hall?? stupid TGV! well hello?? they pointed like this Cinema One <-- so we followed the arrow lah kan.rupanya arrow tu actually pointing ON the door.gosh i sumpah tak faham!

but anyways.the movie was funny.and it was quite a sad ending.i sweet lah the story.marley is s0o adorable and a strong dog too! (yes i cried over a dog story.pathetic!;p) but somehow the storyline was quite interesting.and jenni is so semat!is she always that thin?ok2 back to the point.there was one part when jenni mentioned : "i thought that i've gave it allllllll up.sometimes i do.i thought i've gave everything up just to be where i am now.but i guess it's not enough." so deep kan? :)'s fly day!! can't wait for weekends and i am going for underwater casing and sunblock hunting for my long beach trip next week!can't waitt!! have a good nite sleep.much love xx

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