Thursday, March 19, 2009

love last forever,why can't forgiveness too

i can't sleep.just finished my call interview with mr wood.woahh scarrryy..but he's really friendly =) i like.i don't know what will happen.and of course i don't actually know what was i supposed to ask him when he said "is there anything you would like to know".i end up bouncing my bu*p to rock amanina's rocking baby court while trying to soothe her to sleep when suddenly she started to scream!(yes.i was baby sitting when the important call of my life was in progress!) i was just a few minutes away from finishing my conversation when she started to scream and i jumped and dashed upstairs and knocked frantically at my mom's door.while my other hand is holding the phone.i was dead silent when mr wood was babbling something about the whole course.ya Allah memang satu haram tak dengar sebab dah cuak si nina nangis kuat sangat kat bawah!!! frustrated.but insyaAllah.lets hope for the best.once i got the fund.then only we're talking.

ok i'm to bed now.just to update on the mr.kayu (bukan nama sebenar) wish me luck.fingered cross. much love xx

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