Thursday, March 12, 2009

là es toi?

it's beeeeennnn a week since i last got the sms.i is bored waiting.just finished watching american idol with dad.we called michael 'abg gerudi'.haha.because he worked at the oil rigs.nabor's plak tuh.haih.adam lambert sangat bertenaga.anoop kurang menyengat.lil rounds really round it up!alexis secool namanya.megan segedik mukanya.tapi saya rasa itu abg main gitar agak hot malam ini.ala2 jason mraz. ( tak ingat la nama dia ape) these 3 weeks had been s0o tiring.i think i need 20hours to that i don't have to go back home and sleep.(boleh ke cik erin?) i was planning to 'puasa' caffeine.(hell yeah!for 3 days je!huuu..) but a good friend of mine owed me this

how can i resist?my fave of all time.caramel frappucino with chocolate chips.haih.heaven.end up 'lepak' at aji don til 5.hoho.selamba buat ofis macam ofis sendiri.but we usually go back late at night a short 1hour rest won't got the interview from y***.they will call me next wednesday.nervous please.i really hope it's gonna for my's still sucks.but i'm getting hang of it.i'm sure Allah has plans for me.i wonder why is it a l0oonnggg wait.pray for me.nuwen's coming back soon!on the same day i'm in P.I.i can't wait!and i wanna own this please!!! where can i find it!it's s0o cool!!

Olympus PT-032 Underwater Housing!

i need to find it before my trip to P.I.can it be delivered in 2 weeks pleaseee..haih.i wish i an filthy rich so i can get this for my own birthday.or maybe ada orang yang baik hati nak bagi kan best.tsktsk.i have to save my money for other things in hand = almost zero.savings? urrmm...ZERO? =D ok peeps.need to crash the bed back's aching's fly-day! and someone's getting engaged soon ;) can't wait for sunday! nite nite.much love xx

p/s : my new hobby : click here! rajin2 lah jenguk selalu ;)

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