Sunday, March 01, 2009

i'm looking for bakar.ikan bakar ;p

what a weekend!!we went to malacca yesterday.we departed in the morning and off to tanjung was kinda excited at,on the hand,was trying NOT to reminiscence.but failed.a bit je lah.because we went bypassed the bandar melaka.tehee =D anyways,abang has a family day in everly resorts and hotel malacca.

the place was nice.but the weather was freaking HOT.BIG TIME!i even came back with an ulcer on my lips.shucks!but what derived us to go to malacca from the first place was it's IKAN BAKAR UMBAI,baby! we arrived in everly,unpacked and just lazing around.watching movies.napping (ada ke ayat seperti napping?) heee :D so at 6pm.the hunting begun!

dad drove us to umbai.umbai is like 24kms away from tanjung keling.saw few nice buildings along the way.(i wish we could go to bandar melaka to take photos and see snakes.haha.)

it took us more or less than 30mins to arrive.first attempt was in alai club house (what the?? is alai?) but dad and mom was pretty convinced that they've been there before so we end up eating sotong goreng tepung and ikan bakar with sambal on top.the result : sotong A ikan A-.haha.giler kejam bagi grading!! dad was pretty obviously not enjoying the food because mom said this place was a mistake.i was like "urmm..okayy je.i love the sotong" (hello?? erin pernah ke tak suka sotong?hantu sotong okay??) so dad was still sulking so we decided to go REAL

second attempt was to drive to umbai.still,rejecting my suggestion to go to perkampungan terapung ikan bakar umbai.dem.(kaem,aku penat suruh derang pegi sana.derang sangat degil!huuuu..) so dad wanted to go to 'OLD' umbai.the one before the perkampungan terapung okay.fine.we arrived in perkampungan ikan bakar umbai (pernu).saw this first restaurant.the restaurant was exactly the same ikan bakar we have in tanjung harapan,klang (this one memang superb hingga menjilat jari!) then we start to order crabs,shrimps and another grilled sotong?!! urghhhh!! but i was actually fulled after our first attempt in alai (where the hell is alai,man?) then the food came..the urm..udang goreng butter looked delicious

and the crabs looked like this yummilicious right..*sorry..i am not tempted to eat because i am not a crab lover ;p * so we was "hmm..sedap ni..makan ikan cicah kuah ketam" memang nampak dia sangat berselera!mom was like kuis sana..kuis sini macam tak sudii je nak makan kann.hehe.kakak and me (telannn jeee) ;p

after somehow like the crab was half finished and the udang goreng butter turned up like urmm udang rendam butter.then mom said : "semacam lah baru ketam nih" and was like "ye ke?? ok je.." while munching his crabs off.hehe.and kakak was like "agak busuk laa" i pulak.. "ye ke..?hehe nasib baik saya tak makan" :P terus dad stopped and mom was like "dari jauh dah bauuu tauuu" (hoh?dah setengah jam berlalu baru bau ke??hu hu.. T_T ) so we all decided not to finish it,we were all fulled from the previous ikan bakar in alai (remember?) i dah start aa..dua tempat pegi okay.satu ikan bakar kata tak sedap (but for me ok je.sebab ada sotong) and then the second attempt dah sampai umbai.but pegi umbai lama plak.haihh..memang lawakla kan.end up..dua2 tempat yang kitorang pegi..dua2 tak memuaskan hati.crap!

so balik hotel.rehat2 for like an hour tiba2..lektrik takde!!!arghhhh..demmm!!!memang unlucky day betol!! huuuuu T_T so there's nothing much to do in the dark.i went straight off to bed at 10!!bosan okayyy!! (i want to go to bandar melaka!!go to jonker street and eat asam pedassss!!!:'( so sedih.i miss nuren) so was the lousiest day ever!!! and despite all the unluckiness..abang and his officemates had the time of their life.enjoying bbq,singing karaoke and abang won SAMSUNG 29" tv!wow!how lucky is that?? and god knows how tortured were we because the PTPTN people were screaming their lungs out although takde letrik kat hotel tu.because they happened to be using the generator's electric supplies.chet!memang taleh tido aa malam tu.dengan memekak sampai 1pagi! and they hotel's electricity was out til subuh?!!!! haihhh..what a lousy ikan bakar getaway.

me,woke up at 7am just to catch the sunrise :)

then i went back to sleep and woke up at was up earlier,puking all day long because he can't woke up in dark. (yes i got that syndrome from him too..but mine is better :P ) he said he suddenly felt dizzy when he opened his eyes and it was pitched dark (he forgot that the electricty was out and he has this fear of pitched black room syndrome) so he started to feel unwell.*uke*uke*uke.kesian giler.luckily he could drive us back to we were all tired.from undelicious food and no electricity getaway.but i had a great rest.sleeping from 10pm-10am ;p not much to complaint.but all i can say..bersyukur je least i tak kena food poisoning ke ape kan ;p took few pictures before i go..

so now i'm back in KL.and can't wait for wednesday!! i'm seeing u baby! <3 mrAZ!!! here i come~ much love xx

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