Wednesday, March 18, 2009

if it's a loop.i'll hit infinities!

i'm damn eyes half shut but i hafta complete the yrk uni questionnaires.they're gonna call me tomorrow for an interview.nervous please.and right now i am typing in my blog (of course) ..err ..i mean filling up the questionnaires.and preparing the right answers.gosh i hope for the best.but i think i could make it on time to rehearse before they make the call tonight!

went to hlbb this morning.woke up damn early.woke up at 6am.just to shut off the pc and charge my phone.hehe.been doing lotsa of enhancements lately.been staying back late from work.i must be really good huh?siao lah kan.so0o am superdrowsy and getting off to bed.and oh!did u learn infinities in school?and here's my theory : if the search button in fb is a loop like :

do while not ps.eof

msgbox " Where is you? ",vbOK



ok i bet u couldn't understand this.i had been trying calling since last 2 weeks.can u believe that?i am serious worried that something happened.on the other hands,i am freaking nervous now.and i am waiting for the call from another 30mins to go.ya Allah..i don't know what to answer if they ask weird questions and hello? in british worried lah.ok.i need to take a breath right now.wish me luck!and will update on it tomorrow.have a good wednesday!much love xx

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