Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i look in your eyes..i can feel butterflies..

teeheee :D the moment i see the underwater casing.i'm gonna smile like a stale shellfish?(sengih macam kerang busuk?:P) i've ordered the DiCaPac.it's arriving tomorrow.cheaper and faster compared to ordering in singapore one.i was quite cuak when i searched it in most of the diving shops.they said they don't sell it.stupid!rugi kut if tak jual!but alhamdulillah..i found it on shashinki they can send it to u within 24hours.so good kan?weheee..so my lists down to :

underwater camera casing

sunblock.130 spf!;)

beach bag?(overnye!!haha)

flipflops (crocs?)


shades (broke my aviator :'( )

i think that's it.the MOST important things.else i'll just stuff it inside my bags.damn i'm gonna hafta be prepared with the pretty smoking hot weather lately.it's 32degrees today!can u believe it?? i hope perhentian's not gonna be that hot.at least~ haih..mana mr saru?? seriously m.i.a. lah.m.u.s.m hokey!but i am still being patience.if cukup sebulan.tataulah!!did you have a great weekends?i know i'm gonna have a great one this week!will update more on my list and off to bed now.counting days!! much love xx

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