Sunday, March 22, 2009

i fly like paper get high like planes hampa.just got back from putrajaya.and of course!no hot air sadddd..we arrived aroun 1pm in putrajaya.seriously excited and looking forward but when we came.there were NO balloons!!! sedih tak?well,its because today is the last day and the show won't start until 5.30pm!huh.i rather be at home with this hot weather.but bummer!i really wanna see malaysia's balloonist to fly the balloon!and i love the malaysia's hot air 'ceria'!:)

pictures courtesy of zain abdullah

pictures from : balloon fiesta

i didn't know that the balloon's open for photography session starts at late!!ttdi so far lah :( but anyways,i hope they'll come again at the end of the year.or maybe in august.and this time,i won't miss it ;) oh least i'm saving my sunburnt for next week! long beach here i come!! <3

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