Friday, March 06, 2009

geek in pink <3

last night was a blast!!! i am screaming out loud!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!hihi.well although i can see mrAZ in between people's armpits but i SAW his face.his cute face! made me smile right now.he definitely gave me a good vibe!i was happy the whole day at work today!teheeee =D i slept at 2am and woke up at 7am the next day!fresh!can u believe it? and i was listening to the video over and over and over at work today.God knows how many times!skipping work definitely worth it.haha.met alang.aju and ewan.hihi.kesian ewan.had to bear our piercing screams!! anyhow,our standings definitely a boohoo.but i was enjoying it!mind the sweaty shoulders brushing each other (ewwww) and i was sweating like running 5kms on weekends! was steeeeaaaming hawttt!!but the music was beyonndddd!i love the geek in pink song the most.he is superrr awesomeee!he is s0o good at singing like the gilmores (life's fast?) and i'm yours was like MINE!aish!but mind the swaying hands in the video later.the people was so0o into IT.he is so cool lah i tell u!he sang : geek in pink,beautiful mess,life is wonderful,live high,dynamo bla bla bla,i'm yours,the remedy + wonderwall,butterfly,and he sang lucky too!but the lady was some chinese from i dunno where.and i prefer US singing with jason lah kan.but it was greattttttt!!i feel like screaming everytime i hear the songs taken from the show last night,being aired on fly's like screaming "GOSHHH I WAS THERE!!"

not many pictures taken.because i was 'this' not so tall girl standing in oceans of giraffes i tell u!so just few pictures imagine me taking pictures like a ho*it.and how i wish i have a dslr :(

but i took loads of videos!!my shoulders and neck are s0o stiffed from streching out my hands during the show so that i could take a good penat!!oh did i tell u,i brought like TWO cameras!just in case one died during the show.which it imagine me,stucked between people..fumbling two cameras in one hand.changing batteries lah.memory card la.because i have two same all weather.the other was just the normal one.but both with same megapixels.but the normal one can do all the clear zooming video instead of the mighty all weather.pfft!lucky lucky lucky!so i'm happy.i'm done uploading the videos at now u can see on youtube too!enjoy!i'm smiling to sleep again.and yes mraz definitely sending good vibes for me and mon*eY ;)

ok peeps.hope you enjoy the vids and pics.u can see the rest in fb;) gonna hit sack now.much love xx

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