Sunday, March 22, 2009

catch ups

what a tiring day.jog with dad and bro.ate breakfast at park royal a.k.a village park.had great nasi lemak.dozed off from much of a pretty heavy jog this morning.woke up.still dizzy.damn hot today.took a to santai for late to OU to hunt for :

a)sun block.with highest spf : 130 baby! - found!

b)underwater casing :DiPaPac? - failed

c)crocs : usha je.sebab sale. -found

d)beach bag : F.O.S -found

e)mcD fries : of course FOUND!teheee ;p

need to find that underwater casing.damn!i need to book online lah like this.seriously..lack of need to fedEx it.haihh..i'm catching up skins season 1 until season selow.i know.but so lazy to wait for downloads.aish.catching up with alang too.poor alang.hope she's doing fine :( will meet her tomorrow.wallowing going hot air ballooning tomorrow!;) have a nice weekends.much love xx

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