Thursday, March 26, 2009

what i like about you

what does jason mraz,jack johnson and kokokaina has in common?

superb music.wicked guitar play.great voice and care for the people in the world ;o)

i saw the video by zee avi a.k.a kokokaina - an introduction.she is superrrrbbb!finally the world is letting her out.i bet you,she will be famous all around the world! anyways,she was borned in Miri,Sarawak!hello borneo!;) and she has superrrrrbb voice.and she's doing her album in LA! superb kan? her album is coming out in May 19th!i definitely looking forward to have one!i adore her big BIG BIGGER BIGGEST time!<3

and this guy!i superheart his voice.guitar.and his better together song.and he has his own foundation named Kokua Hawaii Foundation which means help in cool is that?first koko kokua ;) i think these people are awesome!they do music for charity.for the people,for the made me think that their music is not just superb but beyond they can share their piece of mind in the language where all people could understand : music.

just like my beloved mrAZ <3 who contributed for a foundation called mottanai charity while he was in Japan.i'm really amused with him.touring around the world,doing what he does best : spreading his love to his fans and all people around the world. (i love your forever jason!haha) isn't it cool?all these favourite people of mine seems to amaze me.knowing what they want to do in life.i wish i was them ;) but u am thankful for whatever i have right now.i have a job,a car,lovely friends and superrrrbbb loving family :) and one thing for sure..i'm off to the island tomorrow.and what do I have in common with these three people?

we love oceans ;)

off to long beach now.see u next week ;) much love xx

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

chunkie munkie,omedetou!

alhamdulillah..after 6 years..i am proud to see my chunkie is graduated!!can't wait for her to come home!can't wait for our pending projects and plans.gosh there's so many things to do!!hope all is well and i see u soon babe!(gambar curi dari belog anda :P)


current song : graduation , vitamin C

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

that's it.i'm done.

do you know?

a)i think i've gained weight but still looked small?

b)i am tired of waiting.and giving up?

c)my bed squeaked when i climbed the bed? (meaning saya dah heavy?)

d)my chunkie is coming back next monday (yeay!!) for good!

e)i'm going for a deep sea vacation in 2 days! (double yeay!)

f)i hate waiting.BIG time!

g)it's ok to give a second chance? (i DO believe in second chance)

h)i can't see myself in next two years.make it next year.bummer.

i)i'm happy coz esok gaji and wanna see movie.haha!

j)i have a friend who i owe her BIG time dearly.and i know she doesnt need me to say it out loud that i really treasure her..(yes,its u,miss bp)

k)i hate wondering what ifs..when there's whole bunch of things better to think off

l)i am too friendly that i wanna make friends with my own manager.but she teruk kan?

m)i miss saru mang badly.dokoni ittano??

n)i'm sleepy but i'm happy because i got this!

ok enough till 'n' because nur zaireen needs to sleep.have a good night!much love xx

current song : someone you used to know,koko kaina

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i look in your eyes..i can feel butterflies..

teeheee :D the moment i see the underwater casing.i'm gonna smile like a stale shellfish?(sengih macam kerang busuk?:P) i've ordered the's arriving tomorrow.cheaper and faster compared to ordering in singapore one.i was quite cuak when i searched it in most of the diving shops.they said they don't sell it.stupid!rugi kut if tak jual!but alhamdulillah..i found it on shashinki they can send it to u within good kan? my lists down to :

underwater camera casing

sunblock.130 spf!;)

beach bag?(overnye!!haha)

flipflops (crocs?)


shades (broke my aviator :'( )

i think that's it.the MOST important things.else i'll just stuff it inside my bags.damn i'm gonna hafta be prepared with the pretty smoking hot weather's 32degrees today!can u believe it?? i hope perhentian's not gonna be that least~ haih..mana mr saru?? seriously m.i.a. lah.m.u.s.m hokey!but i am still being patience.if cukup sebulan.tataulah!!did you have a great weekends?i know i'm gonna have a great one this week!will update more on my list and off to bed now.counting days!! much love xx

current song : what am i to you,norah jones

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

i fly like paper get high like planes hampa.just got back from putrajaya.and of course!no hot air sadddd..we arrived aroun 1pm in putrajaya.seriously excited and looking forward but when we came.there were NO balloons!!! sedih tak?well,its because today is the last day and the show won't start until 5.30pm!huh.i rather be at home with this hot weather.but bummer!i really wanna see malaysia's balloonist to fly the balloon!and i love the malaysia's hot air 'ceria'!:)

pictures courtesy of zain abdullah

pictures from : balloon fiesta

i didn't know that the balloon's open for photography session starts at late!!ttdi so far lah :( but anyways,i hope they'll come again at the end of the year.or maybe in august.and this time,i won't miss it ;) oh least i'm saving my sunburnt for next week! long beach here i come!! <3

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catch ups

what a tiring day.jog with dad and bro.ate breakfast at park royal a.k.a village park.had great nasi lemak.dozed off from much of a pretty heavy jog this morning.woke up.still dizzy.damn hot today.took a to santai for late to OU to hunt for :

a)sun block.with highest spf : 130 baby! - found!

b)underwater casing :DiPaPac? - failed

c)crocs : usha je.sebab sale. -found

d)beach bag : F.O.S -found

e)mcD fries : of course FOUND!teheee ;p

need to find that underwater casing.damn!i need to book online lah like this.seriously..lack of need to fedEx it.haihh..i'm catching up skins season 1 until season selow.i know.but so lazy to wait for downloads.aish.catching up with alang too.poor alang.hope she's doing fine :( will meet her tomorrow.wallowing going hot air ballooning tomorrow!;) have a nice weekends.much love xx

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

somewhere over the rainbow

today i see rainbow again.i was walking to my car after work.saw the rainbow and it made me feel i'm lucky today :)

went back early from work,well of course because i'm done with my task.glad glad.and i planned to watch marley & me.funny thing is that me and farihan went to buy the tix after work.wanted to watch the 8pm movie and we decided to watch at TGV one,we bought the tix.bought the food.entered the hall and waited.the clock's almost 815pm.the movie should be starting anytime soon.but there was just me and han.and two other with a kid.the hall was no movie is going to i said to han "aku pegi check luar jap.mana tau orang tu lupa nak pasang tape wayang" hoho.dengan konfidennye..i went outside.i heard people laughing at a i sneaked in.and there was it! marley & me! started like 15mins ago?!! we entered the wrong hall?? stupid TGV! well hello?? they pointed like this Cinema One <-- so we followed the arrow lah kan.rupanya arrow tu actually pointing ON the door.gosh i sumpah tak faham!

but anyways.the movie was funny.and it was quite a sad ending.i sweet lah the story.marley is s0o adorable and a strong dog too! (yes i cried over a dog story.pathetic!;p) but somehow the storyline was quite interesting.and jenni is so semat!is she always that thin?ok2 back to the point.there was one part when jenni mentioned : "i thought that i've gave it allllllll up.sometimes i do.i thought i've gave everything up just to be where i am now.but i guess it's not enough." so deep kan? :)'s fly day!! can't wait for weekends and i am going for underwater casing and sunblock hunting for my long beach trip next week!can't waitt!! have a good nite sleep.much love xx

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love last forever,why can't forgiveness too

i can't sleep.just finished my call interview with mr wood.woahh scarrryy..but he's really friendly =) i like.i don't know what will happen.and of course i don't actually know what was i supposed to ask him when he said "is there anything you would like to know".i end up bouncing my bu*p to rock amanina's rocking baby court while trying to soothe her to sleep when suddenly she started to scream!(yes.i was baby sitting when the important call of my life was in progress!) i was just a few minutes away from finishing my conversation when she started to scream and i jumped and dashed upstairs and knocked frantically at my mom's door.while my other hand is holding the phone.i was dead silent when mr wood was babbling something about the whole course.ya Allah memang satu haram tak dengar sebab dah cuak si nina nangis kuat sangat kat bawah!!! frustrated.but insyaAllah.lets hope for the best.once i got the fund.then only we're talking.

ok i'm to bed now.just to update on the mr.kayu (bukan nama sebenar) wish me luck.fingered cross. much love xx

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

if it's a loop.i'll hit infinities!

i'm damn eyes half shut but i hafta complete the yrk uni questionnaires.they're gonna call me tomorrow for an interview.nervous please.and right now i am typing in my blog (of course) ..err ..i mean filling up the questionnaires.and preparing the right answers.gosh i hope for the best.but i think i could make it on time to rehearse before they make the call tonight!

went to hlbb this morning.woke up damn early.woke up at 6am.just to shut off the pc and charge my phone.hehe.been doing lotsa of enhancements lately.been staying back late from work.i must be really good huh?siao lah kan.so0o am superdrowsy and getting off to bed.and oh!did u learn infinities in school?and here's my theory : if the search button in fb is a loop like :

do while not ps.eof

msgbox " Where is you? ",vbOK



ok i bet u couldn't understand this.i had been trying calling since last 2 weeks.can u believe that?i am serious worried that something happened.on the other hands,i am freaking nervous now.and i am waiting for the call from another 30mins to go.ya Allah..i don't know what to answer if they ask weird questions and hello? in british worried lah.ok.i need to take a breath right now.wish me luck!and will update on it tomorrow.have a good wednesday!much love xx

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Monday, March 16, 2009

vous et moi

what a day!the weather was great.i had a great time with good friends.and most of dearie bestie is officially engaged.she looked pretty (pernah ke dia tak pernah pretty?:P) in peachy orange dress and make up by aleng tohara.she was glowing =) alhamdulillah.the ceremony started as early as 11.30 and ended at 3pm.well at least we DO know we were the last person to leave the place ;p there were and hikma.we had good food and good laughs.i bet she is relieved reach her dream : getting married at 25? hehe.i kid.i kid.i'm happy for u fizz!!

congratulations babe!

you're blessed.insyaAllah it will last forever <3

snapshots!of course ;)

nadz house : leaving for fiza's engagement

my hungry face.lapar lapar lapar!!

hantaran to bed now.another hectic week before P.I baby <3 nite nite.much love xx

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

i love sundays

just got back from jog.and the sky s0oo prettttyyy.the weather is good and my bestfriend's getting engaged!

i decided to wash my car and made myself a rainbow

climbed up the room and open up the window to this great view of cotton candy sky.smelt mom's fresh laundry with soft sweet smell of daia (haha!)

and right now i wish i could sleeeeeeppp and get a greatttt rest after a lonnggg tiring night before.but am getting ready to go to my fizz's engagement ;) so!have a nice weekends peeps.hope u could laze aroun like this cat ;)

ahhhh..heaven ;) much love xx

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

terima kasih mrs naga <3

arigato haip!i love u miss naga!!what a tiring day.i just got back from work and i saw this in my mails.

mom terus cakap "dari yuki" (note : yuki is my friend from J) i was like "'s from kak yana yang beli kucing tu maaa" teeheee..thanks mrs naga!the postcard so cool lah!i super love!i am s0o gonna letak at my cermin =) u must be my favourite.he he.

so cantits!i <3 seahorse.orang pertama bagi saya seahorse ( i think seahorse is so unique.i don't know why people call it a horse.i still think it's a type of a fish ;) ) haih.made my day =) ok need to sleep now.tomorrow got interview.j-style baby.horror!wish me luck.snothing all the way~ much love xx

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

là es toi?

it's beeeeennnn a week since i last got the sms.i is bored waiting.just finished watching american idol with dad.we called michael 'abg gerudi'.haha.because he worked at the oil rigs.nabor's plak tuh.haih.adam lambert sangat bertenaga.anoop kurang menyengat.lil rounds really round it up!alexis secool namanya.megan segedik mukanya.tapi saya rasa itu abg main gitar agak hot malam ini.ala2 jason mraz. ( tak ingat la nama dia ape) these 3 weeks had been s0o tiring.i think i need 20hours to that i don't have to go back home and sleep.(boleh ke cik erin?) i was planning to 'puasa' caffeine.(hell yeah!for 3 days je!huuu..) but a good friend of mine owed me this

how can i resist?my fave of all time.caramel frappucino with chocolate chips.haih.heaven.end up 'lepak' at aji don til 5.hoho.selamba buat ofis macam ofis sendiri.but we usually go back late at night a short 1hour rest won't got the interview from y***.they will call me next wednesday.nervous please.i really hope it's gonna for my's still sucks.but i'm getting hang of it.i'm sure Allah has plans for me.i wonder why is it a l0oonnggg wait.pray for me.nuwen's coming back soon!on the same day i'm in P.I.i can't wait!and i wanna own this please!!! where can i find it!it's s0o cool!!

Olympus PT-032 Underwater Housing!

i need to find it before my trip to P.I.can it be delivered in 2 weeks pleaseee..haih.i wish i an filthy rich so i can get this for my own birthday.or maybe ada orang yang baik hati nak bagi kan best.tsktsk.i have to save my money for other things in hand = almost zero.savings? urrmm...ZERO? =D ok peeps.need to crash the bed back's aching's fly-day! and someone's getting engaged soon ;) can't wait for sunday! nite nite.much love xx

p/s : my new hobby : click here! rajin2 lah jenguk selalu ;)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the kat family

last weekends was a greatttt rest for me.went to starhill with lil bro.accompanied him to buy some a shop called 'hujung store'.hehe.kinda cool though.but the stuffs could actually be found in curve je:P but anyways,he treated me i don't mind pun.hehe.and the next day was my date with mrs khadijah and family!a long lost friend since primary.kinda close though.if u noticed khadijah,she's actually in some of the adverts in tv.but masa tu dia tak bertudung lagilah :P anyways,at first the plan was supposed to be me,canaz,dell and sha.and of course kat lah!but end up there's only me and canaz.since sha's not feeling well with her morning sickness and all.aiks!we planned to meet up at ikea.i wanna eat the meatball spagetti of course.but luck was not on my side.

i drove from home at 3.30 and guess what?? i was stucked in the traffic at the junction in front of the ikano for freaking 45minutes!!and it was freaking hottt!!although the aircond was full blast!! ya Allah.sabar je after i got through the junction.sampai ikea.PARKING FULL!! i decided to go to tesco.i went round and round and round for fudging 10 times.i gave up.terus pegi curve.the girls were already in ikea.but the place were i told them to meet up at curve.aishhh..masuk curve tak sampai 5minit.dah ada parking anyways,we met up at kenny rogers.haha.out of the places!i reallllyy wanna eat big apple with coffee!!but takpelah.i was hungry anyways and little aishah might be hungry meet darling aishah and mummy and lil anas ;)

and there were few attempts to take pictures with anas.but tak end up amek muka anas je lah.and few candids.

well of course,at the end.we have a group photo.

see naughty aishah.can never put a straight face.but she is s0oo cuteee!!she ask her mom to cut a chicken and end up saying "mama,can u open my chicken?" so cute!! and when i asked her about upin & ipin.she went like "haa?" "haa?" "mama,ape tu upin and pipinn?? kenapa aishah tak penah dengar??" then after a while she'll go "ouhh..i saw that cartoon on uncle mat's tshirt'.haha!i was like ya Allah cute please.she will make that squinting eyes.grrrr..comel!!!then she will go "mamaaa...aishah nak chicken and fish!" and guess what she meant?she meant chicken and rice.boleh? she is s0oo talkative!but of course!i had a great time catching up with khadijah and teasing and talking to lil cutelah her.definitely gonna meet her again!;) i wanna see anas when he grows up too ;)

oh ok eyes barely open now.i'm off to bed.someone's treating me caramel frappucino with chocolate chips tomorrow!yum2!! and i'm missing someone who likes caramel frappucino too!pelik kan?haha.ok dah.nite peeps.much love xx

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Friday, March 06, 2009

geek in pink <3

last night was a blast!!! i am screaming out loud!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!hihi.well although i can see mrAZ in between people's armpits but i SAW his face.his cute face! made me smile right now.he definitely gave me a good vibe!i was happy the whole day at work today!teheeee =D i slept at 2am and woke up at 7am the next day!fresh!can u believe it? and i was listening to the video over and over and over at work today.God knows how many times!skipping work definitely worth it.haha.met alang.aju and ewan.hihi.kesian ewan.had to bear our piercing screams!! anyhow,our standings definitely a boohoo.but i was enjoying it!mind the sweaty shoulders brushing each other (ewwww) and i was sweating like running 5kms on weekends! was steeeeaaaming hawttt!!but the music was beyonndddd!i love the geek in pink song the most.he is superrr awesomeee!he is s0o good at singing like the gilmores (life's fast?) and i'm yours was like MINE!aish!but mind the swaying hands in the video later.the people was so0o into IT.he is so cool lah i tell u!he sang : geek in pink,beautiful mess,life is wonderful,live high,dynamo bla bla bla,i'm yours,the remedy + wonderwall,butterfly,and he sang lucky too!but the lady was some chinese from i dunno where.and i prefer US singing with jason lah kan.but it was greattttttt!!i feel like screaming everytime i hear the songs taken from the show last night,being aired on fly's like screaming "GOSHHH I WAS THERE!!"

not many pictures taken.because i was 'this' not so tall girl standing in oceans of giraffes i tell u!so just few pictures imagine me taking pictures like a ho*it.and how i wish i have a dslr :(

but i took loads of videos!!my shoulders and neck are s0o stiffed from streching out my hands during the show so that i could take a good penat!!oh did i tell u,i brought like TWO cameras!just in case one died during the show.which it imagine me,stucked between people..fumbling two cameras in one hand.changing batteries lah.memory card la.because i have two same all weather.the other was just the normal one.but both with same megapixels.but the normal one can do all the clear zooming video instead of the mighty all weather.pfft!lucky lucky lucky!so i'm happy.i'm done uploading the videos at now u can see on youtube too!enjoy!i'm smiling to sleep again.and yes mraz definitely sending good vibes for me and mon*eY ;)

ok peeps.hope you enjoy the vids and pics.u can see the rest in fb;) gonna hit sack now.much love xx

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