Wednesday, February 11, 2009

should i just keep chasing pavements

had my day off today.went to get my license ;) the photo was katak bangun tido.seriously.then off to renew my IC,this time looked better.haha!for the first time,i smiled showing off my teeth.heee ;p last time was when i'm wearing braces.haih..that one looked like samseng kampung with gigi scarry.hahaha.and lil munchkins s0oo active today.end up sleeping off on the way back.i ate 1 and half roti canai at yusof haslam's.mams and dad ate rice,but me trying to diet (lah konon) decide to eat roti canai ONLY.then got home.dozed off with lil munchkins

dad snapped our super hectic face

then i woke up with a massiveeee headache and very very hungry!so much of a diet erin.woke up and cooked fries with was burning hot today.i was sweating in sleep.lil munchkins : undisturbed.(that's why people said : sleep like a baby) tsk.

did u watch grammy's?adele is superbb!!i'm listening to chasing pavements like every day!i love her speech.cute,in tears.i superLOVEEEE coldplay and JT ;;) i knew i have wicked taste in music.haha.M.I.A,definitely needs to be missing cause she looked fuggly in that minnie mouse polka dots dress.hello?? ouh!mrAZ *blush*blush* is so kacak with his goatee.can't wait to see u baby!<3 oh,speak of the angel ;) the tix for the rm258 was sold out.dayme!i should've bought it earlier!but the rock zone's still as soon as i got my pay.i'm gonna buy it.i promise!=D me and han is definitely going.and i've booked the package for Perhentian Island baby!! i am going to P.I end of march.i'm gonna stay in : LONG BEACH BABYYY!! i definitely can't wait for march to come!there's s0o many things need to be done by the end of this month :

* wardrobe revamp

* try wendy's

*renew to full license

* book for perhentians

* call monkey regarding java

* do savings for bandung?

* plan for java,jogjak (next year)

* buy mrAZ concert tix

* do savings for tabung bantuan ke CA (seriously i need this)

* fill up the forms to be submit (ya Allah please help me on this!)

i hope i could make it through the month.i'm broke.haha.well this month's salary goes to my wardrobes ;P next months : perhentian and mrAZ,april+may+june : bandung..hmm tell me..when is it for tabung to CA??hahaha.adeh nuwennn..cane nihh??:D:D nak beli pavvi lagi,dlsr lagi.well,i guess u can't have all at once, it through baby,work it through :) insyaAllah.oh well..can't wait for friday!<3 have a nice wednesday.much love xx

p/s:maybe i need to start my travel blog :)

current song : chasing pavement by adele <3

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