Sunday, February 08, 2009

ride with my mini.

wahh.this is my 600th entry!! wowww~! hehe.anyways,i just finished washing my and out.kasi wax sini sana.and wallah~ saved 14bucks carwash @rasta.haha.i was texting alia about her new ride.her mini is exactly like azz's.sweeett ride lia!my dream ride lah babe <3 then i remembered!i have a funny video we took when azz's was taking us for a ride on her mini.seriously.i can't stop grinning!and if u could listen carefully,azzwaa told azz "cuba guna u punya logic akal..tau mana nak keluar" hahaha.i nak gelak.waa so garang!!:P sebab masa tu azz tengah tanya,nak pegi kiri ke kanan!!!goshhh!!the only way we could go was straight!!!XD and the meter!i tell u~ never moved more than 40kmph hihihihi.see!me laughing again ;p so cute la u azz!that's why i miss u!! then u can hear nadz's voice about carrefour and tesco at the end of the video "setengah barang carrefour murah,setengah barang tesco murah" lawak la u girls!i miss u girls already.anyways,enjoy! xx

note : azz's a bit confused on driving if she's been in london for too0o

i miss my londoners

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