Friday, February 06, 2009

oh aliennn..u'll be just fine

today is a busy busy stressed.need to help stella to finish on her enhancements.hlb's server weng.cannot send email to kinda hard to support the issues for everything is pending till tuesday.dayme!i hope i don't have short memory span (siot boss said i have short memory span!) very weird.i think i did kuttt ;p brains filtered out all the unhappy and unwanted thoughts lahh.not that i have a short span whatsoever.i just don't like being so department lunch.what's the purpose oso i bosan.cos it was held in penang village.the food : not delicious,at all.but the BIG Q is that : what's the purpose of having the lunch?just to gelak2?or to buy us so that we won't leave the company?orrr..i got much meaner thoughts..he he.maybe they keep on telling us no bonus.but instead,bought us lunch.bad llama!how can BONUS replaced by not so good food.haihh..not so clever people..not so clever

it's been two days now.since i haven't switch off my pc..tulah.sape suruh bagi sms pagi2 i decided to just let it on.sampai subuh.heee :D (back to september 2008 babyy) anyways,am waiting for hotel 626 to load seloowww..dunno why.maybe too many people playing online.but even the intro voice was s0o me goosebumps!so senang now,everything's online.i remembered the very first person who has internet when i was in primary school.farah khairina.she has every single updated things.she has internet.she has rollerblades.she's the first person to wear guess stuffs.(dulu2 guess? macam gempak abes.hoho) i remembered that we went to her house and she was chatting i tell u.IRC.masa tu paling glamour is IRC.and ICQ eh?yang bunyi cute tuuu.. "ah-auh!" *sila imagine bunyi ICQ* i used to have an id.but the id was so complicated that i decided to have ym and msn.i started 'internet active' when i was 15 i think.haha.everytime i go to dad's office (masa tu kat ssp masa overnight mesti pegi office ayahku di putrajaya) mulalah tercongok depan PC.sambil chatting.takde keje.oh,i started friendster in 2003.woww!dunia di hujung jari.semua benda guna computer je.but who knows,even now.i kerja pun guna computer.he he.programmer some more.10-12hours in front of the pc.juling pleaseee..

apepun,i like it 'here'.i feel kinda remind me of a video in youtube on social networking.haha.that one..pretty damn lame!and funny too.i don't think having a social network is pathetic.its not like long time ago..when u don't have friends,u made friends with cyber friends.but nowadays,u tend to meet them 'real life'.so no harm ;) i think its kinda cool.who have thought i have more than 400 friends.woww!can u imagine.when u were little..u only have friends from ur same classroom or sekolah ey ;) oppss..okie hotel 626 is ready to rumble.go try..scaryy babbeeeee!! hotel 626 ok.wanna rock some socks and off to bed.have a nice weekends.nite peeps.much love xx

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