Saturday, February 14, 2009

i'm tired of trying,your teasing ain't enough

morning!i skipped my jog today.shucks!i was sleeping in late because waiting lah.end up itu orang dislocated dia punya arm??in sleep somemore!and off to see the doctor.nasib baik dia bagitau.if not me waiting til morning.nak gelak pun ada.dislocate masa tido?? i slept at 3 updating my travel blog :) yep.actually memang dah ada.just that i haven't updating it after coming back from keep updated peeps!i will be updating it soon.most of the trips started back in need to find all the old albums.but i will definitely try to find a time to update on my travels i've been throughout these five years ;)

friday was the happiest day ever.done my work before lunch.morning talk with monkey. *snigs*snigs* i can't stop grinning!glad i didn't have my webcam on.then he'll see my kerang busuk face.i hafta cover the mouth with shawl becauseeee...i was webcaming at WORK!haha.sorry boss.i have too!but it won't happen again ;p but yeah.saw his face made me smile the whole frickin day..teheee=D he got a week off.yipppoo!!i don't know what i put myself into.haha!anyhow,need to get the applications done for the 'thing' by the end of the and han is hoping for good luck for both of us.i somehow wish that its one way to get lost from this world for a while.bosanlah itu tempat.haihh..dah nasib takpe.malas nak pikir2 stress sorang.wah today is valentine's.and i dun have any plans.tak elok pun nak end up lazing aroun.yes.still waiting.obviously its night time d :( tomorrow,got netball plans with denise,inarah,fatty and immi.haihh dah ayam pencenlah.its been urmm..3-4 years okay tak main.i dun think i can still shoot a we'll just hafta see tomorrow then.teeheee =D ok peeps.have a nice weekends.happy 'lovers' day <3 much love xx

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