Saturday, February 07, 2009

i want sunburnt just to know i'm alive

what a day :) went to nadz+sofie's reception,sofie's usual.weddings : many people+more fatty food+more pictures.oh did i tell u?i scratched my knee??haha.i fell off from via's car!!it's a fortuner i think.i FORGOTTEN that i was riding a 'high leveled' car.then,when i was getting off the car when my heels stucked at my kain and i fell on my sujud!it was hillariously embaressing!!BUT..the food was good.the crowd was good.and i am happy :)

the girls who came from left:via,alia,me,ayu and shoe

with the newly weds

i'm still in wedding mood.reminiscence nadz+sofie's relationship and weddings.come was sweet.the sweetest i've ever been to.maybe because i witnessed all the ceremonies they held in KL ;p i prefer the hall most,of course!because we had the greatest crowd there (sspians la kann..) and i laugh alot.and had fun taking pictures.hehe.and the most tiring day!but it was a great experience.for my best friend =)

went to the final ceremony in sofie's house just now.for dinner.had two cups of teh i can't sleep.uploaded pictures.took pictures some more.missing monkey.found this sweet msn.

p says (3:03 PM):


e says (3:03 PM):


e says (3:04 PM):

are u ok monkey ?

p says (3:04 PM):

cause rindu kamuuuuuuuu

e says (3:05 PM):


e says (3:05 PM):

rindu kamu juga

p says (3:05 PM):

juga means like way too darn much?

tsk.made me smile =)

rindu budak ini.saya menggunakan software yang dzu!

************************opsss filtered out.too crappy****************************

ok 2.13 am.i am feeling a weee bit sleepy now.need to get some sleep.going for jog tomorrow.pleasee i need 5kms!feel a weee bit heavy at boom boom.ok peeps.selamat hari thaipusam.will post more random pictures soon :) nite.much love xx

current song : angels on the moon by thriving ivory

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