Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i AM yours mrAZ <3

just got back from watching slumdog's a good movie.heartfelt.seriously i almost cried when he finally met Latika.aish..spill spill ;p go watch!it's worth it.thanks to han.she dashed off from office at on the other hand,stucked in the traffic.and i was driving like mad because han had managed to buy the 715 slumdog show!so while i was looking for parking space,she already bought me this!

love u babe.u memang ratu gambler.hoho.we really gambled going for the movie and buying tix for jason mraz.i guess the wait was worth it.then we had late dinner at the waffle a chocolate banana waffles and meatball spagetti.we ordered peach tea.but the peach tea was somehow tasted weird.and han even said it tasted like long island?? upppss..i hope its not!bueks!! and s0o.!i am gonna be happy for the rest of the week!hehe.gedik.i got my tix to see mrAZ baby <3 i am s0o gonna see YOU!

haihh...dah start balik angau neh!!i hope he'll sing rocket man.s0oo niceee that's actually elton john's song.when jason mraz sang it back in Dachkammer, Berlin.i totally fell in love with him hee =D oh and i love this vid from Dachkammer too.he is s0o cool!!haihh..can't wait can't wait!! :) enjoy this video.i'm off to bed now.nak mimpi mrAZ ;p nite2.much love xx

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