Saturday, February 21, 2009

hi,hi.miss american pie <3 was madness!slept at 2am previous night.planning to read on Malaysia Kita,end up..the book was reading,went to the PTD exam today at SAS's old school.and it was as usual.hectic.tiring.sleepyyyy..i had the first paper like burning up my brains :P huh.very very general knowledge man!and two essays?!i was burned!lucky the essays was kinda easy.and i <3 the analytical and calculation part.

fahmi is taller than ahmad.ahmad is taller than abu.abu is slightly taller than fahmi but shorter than ahmad.who is the tallest?

hehehe.yes,that was one of the questions.40qs in 45mins??hoh.i skipped 3qs but managed to answer it at the end ( a bit time consuming though) so i was all day long squeezing my brains out.had a baddd heavyheaded.chilling myself under this shady tree..

me chilling.
chilling under the shady trees : heaven

slammed on a table during break for almost half an hour.woke up just in time to finish my exams.and i am DONE!and i found this before i head home

how cool is that?sweeeeet huh?

found it at SAS.i think it's the 'abang' guard's i head home.dizzy.coz i didnt have anything for lunch.except for sandwiches for breakfast and loads and loads of plain i decided to savouring this!

this is my current affiliation baby!superrrr sedapppp!!i've never met such super neat strawberry pie.i promise u!if u try it,it'll skip your heart a beat!some girl from work ordered from her friend.we ordered one.just for testing.and ya Allah!i am s0o gonna order another one next week!demm~ how am i supposed to have a dream bod with all this food from heaven?? ngaaaaa~~ and so,i hope i could wake up for my weekends session at the park.i am s0o lazy bum lately to even run for 5miles.i am up to fours but not fives anymore.dang!mengapa??? :p:p anyhow,i can't wait for wednesday.payday,new baju from gJa,another strawberry pie!!,and movies with my girls.weeee!just what i needed.but come again.going back to office on monday is definitely a turn off.demm!

i miss MY girls :( oh babe,thanks for calling me.u know who u are!all the way from there. i definitely miss u!<3and why ur mom hasn't call eh?i setia je menunggu nih :P and psst!psst!mrs sofie,i want u to try that strawberry pie.later i bring to ur house i can see ur house too ;p and to miss nurul huda,ii ne.happyou owatta!sila hapdet blog anda.hehe.ok peeps.gotta crash bed now.supppperrrrrrr tired.need a GREAT rest.have a nice weekends peep! ;0) much love xx

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