Monday, February 23, 2009

hello mr. polar <3

i am definitely exhausted that i can't sleep!been awake since 8am.and i couldn't even shut my eyes right decided to update my travel blog.transfering pictures and oh EMM gee!!i am clowning around with poladroid again!and this time,i am hundred percent addicted!!i started to search for all old pictures from japan,london,hari raya,munchkins,and God knows what.i was s0o preoccupied from 12.30~7pm.doing nothing but poladrooollinggg!! ;P ouh and here are few of the pictures i've droided!;)

cool kan?ok enough.i just can't stop!wait till i finish my polaroid excited to do it.hihi.thanks to dzu of cos!;) i super love cool and makes me smile smile off to bed now.can't wait to droid all the picasa.oh what's even cooler? picasa 3 baby!i first found out that the only sware that can do polaroids was picasa.started with picasa one.but the latest picasa is wayyy cooler!and they can piled up all ur pictures like the first features.but enhanced with twisting and putting from back to front all u want polaroids pictures!make multiexposure.make collages.gosh!i can spend hours on these two apps!and i made this as my desktop background dream vacation with my favourite thing ;)

ok peeps.just something to share with you.i'm happy today.doing my favourite past times.its been awhile i've stopped photo editing or clowning with cool softwares.i'm happy though.despite slightly unhappy.but i had a great weekends ;) and definitely looking forward for wednesday <3 have a good nite peeps.much love xx

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