Wednesday, February 04, 2009

hello heaven!

aiyaiyaii!!i almost flipped out when my express music suddenly went hanged!for almost 15mins!it was surely a heartwrenched life tau.drama kan?haha.i know ;p's ok now.*lega* first day of lazy.feels like blogging at work but got mata2 gelap spying on each and every movement.adehhh!!today mf is not everything seemed so bored.but no stress.went out for lunch early.came back early.did some more readings and investigating client issues.bore.bore.bore.then my eyes glued to this!i 'accidentally' bought it at the mall downstairs.i recalled the thick hershey's chocolatey taste.and the salty taste from the peanut butter.super marvelous i tell u!i never liked peanut butter before.but this one,is a YES YES.(siap tertelan air liur lagi nihhh)

reeses nutrageous by hershey.hellllooo heaven! i am officially addicted!

ouh here goes the rest of my entry.its gonna be yummy and juicy ;) went to teapot last week.TWICE.had the yummilicious scones.yummeh!!i never tasted such yummy scones!seriously,it's cheap.rm3.90 per set.went with my collegues and i immediately fell in love! at the first 'taste'?=p look at this!

how yummier could it be?then we had fried calamari.i *heart*.u know me and calamari.we so close like glue.haha.ok.drama.but also yummeh i tell u!!

and sweet potatoes salad.aiyaiyaiii~

went there on thursday.and went again with kaem on saturday!dua kali pegi tau!siap sesat lagi on the way back.well the first attempt was more like 'redahh' 'i' lost my way back to ttdi.but after having lunch @santai with kaem.(we even had cheese tart for dessert.aish!) went to OU and we were hungry by the time we finished present we headed AGAIN to teapot and had yummy scones fresh from oven with hot peach tea..ahh..hellooo heaven again!(i know u want it azz!:P)

on friday,after nadz's nikah,kaem and yatt went to wondermilk for makan2.i had baked potato beef rasher!sumpah sedapppp!!makan time hujan sure tak bangun dah dari kedai tu ;p

with caramel wondermilk to go with it.muchhh yummier than lel's irish cream.hehe

and then,kaem and yatt had bbq chicken sandwich.poonnn sedappp!!

we surely had a great time.fulled tummy.kami happy =)

susu hebat.MEMANG hebat ;)

weird pose erin ;p

ok peeps.hope u enjoyed my updates on fooooodehhh!!dey,don't drool.i drooled more when i see nagasaki pictures soon.with u in bikini of cos.haha!miss u dey!have a good night peeps.much love xx

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