Thursday, February 19, 2009

get lost in my world,in my dream

harini enhancements tak jalan.sebab pagi2 duk siapkan application for gg n yk.sangat the time nak lunch.duk tengok2 coding yang nak tukar.end up tired.then turun awal giler sebab arini 1901 jual hotdog murah.every 19th of every month,dia kasi harga new york chicken and chicago beef regular from 4.99 jadi 1.99.crazy murah kan?i i had hotdogs for lunch.and maybe for dinner too.sebab i bought two.hoho.then suddenly after lunch like weird customer issues came stupid.i wanted to start my enhancements!esok last day i'm still stucked at the office figuring out the solutions.pelik tau.they can come up with DAMN weird errors!so stupiddd..i tell u.oh well,sure esok pecah kepala balik lambat.haih..lucky i've completed 3/4 by today was wasted but still ok lah.coz esok continue just one more enhancement.can double check on monday

and then by the time tension..i googled.gigli island.alan is going there another 24 hours i guess.he deserves it by the way.doctors have no time to themselves.*sometimes* then i started to google for islands.eiiiiii..i neeeeeeed a vacation!!! and i saw this!

and this

and this is definitely where i wanna sleep in!

and this

so nice kan?heaven on earth.*sigh* then put this picture as my desktop now.

i loveee beaches.i wanna take loads and loads of pictures so when i look will put my mind at ease.there's more : fujikawa and baby..i'm going to...


in less than a month!i can't waittt..haihh..get lost into my world peeps.coz i know this is what you longed for <3 have a nice thursday.much love xx

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