Monday, February 02, 2009

and so two become one

alhamdulillah.the reception went well.nadz's now on her way to pangkor ;) everyone was happy.I was happy.met my sspian u can see the pictures in fb.(penat nak blog again.hehe) plus,i couldnt get good pictures like in nikah.but still,i had a great time taking pictures.getting best shot i could for azz :) *kan best kalau ada slr!haihh..* thanks to via,alia and kaem.for making it happen too!!love u girls!!hope to see u girls soon!all in all,nadz was the prettiest girl that night..=)

anyways,i just watched maut today.not bad.not too bored but the movie was quite urmm..quick.the movie was for only 1 and half hour.the storyline's interesting.there were three main part.but as i said,each part were played for half and not much elaboration were done on each part.but it was ok.oh but i don't understand why did the lady who played air hostess suddenly repent.she didnt show when did she had a fight with her husband or what did make her suddenly insaf.and during the que haidar part,i don't understand why does a lady who happened to have his baby came into the picture.i think the movie was a bit in rush.but yet.its a simple movie and understandable.not much conflict or crisis ;) but a bit 'tak kemas'.i'll give them 4 stars :)

haih esok lazy.u know what do i feel right now?nak kawen XD waitt..til i tell u the reason..he he.i nak kawen because i dun hafta work,i want someone to give me food,shelter,pay my rent,my bills,my car and buy me nice clothes!hahaha.boleh?? heaven nye kan?in fact i am superrr envy dey right now..she's in nagasaki having the time of her my favourite country in the world!syiokknyee!happy for you dey!!again,i am so jeles.*saya tau.jeles2 tak elok ;p* haihh..i miss all my favourite people.monkey is another part of the world.nadz is in pangkor.duhhh.dekat giler!;p and azz is in london!can't u be any closer azz?? :D but i hope to see u girls soon!i know i'll meet nadz soon.but i'm giving sofie a chance la.since he's now legally hers!he he.and azz!hope to see u in july ;) i miss all of you!! my mom siap cakap :
"kesiannn..tinggal erin sorang!" boleh tak?? he he.ok peeps.what i DO know where to find me girls + boy :P gotta crash bed.back ache.old woman ;p nite2 peeps.will update on my outing to susu hebat+teaPOP?? haha kidding.that's my joke with kaem.oYaSUmi xx

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