Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i AM yours mrAZ <3

just got back from watching slumdog's a good movie.heartfelt.seriously i almost cried when he finally met Latika.aish..spill spill ;p go watch!it's worth it.thanks to han.she dashed off from office at on the other hand,stucked in the traffic.and i was driving like mad because han had managed to buy the 715 slumdog show!so while i was looking for parking space,she already bought me this!

love u babe.u memang ratu gambler.hoho.we really gambled going for the movie and buying tix for jason mraz.i guess the wait was worth it.then we had late dinner at the waffle a chocolate banana waffles and meatball spagetti.we ordered peach tea.but the peach tea was somehow tasted weird.and han even said it tasted like long island?? upppss..i hope its not!bueks!! and s0o.!i am gonna be happy for the rest of the week!hehe.gedik.i got my tix to see mrAZ baby <3 i am s0o gonna see YOU!

haihh...dah start balik angau neh!!i hope he'll sing rocket man.s0oo niceee that's actually elton john's song.when jason mraz sang it back in Dachkammer, Berlin.i totally fell in love with him hee =D oh and i love this vid from Dachkammer too.he is s0o cool!!haihh..can't wait can't wait!! :) enjoy this video.i'm off to bed now.nak mimpi mrAZ ;p nite2.much love xx

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Monday, February 23, 2009

hello mr. polar <3

i am definitely exhausted that i can't sleep!been awake since 8am.and i couldn't even shut my eyes right decided to update my travel blog.transfering pictures and oh EMM gee!!i am clowning around with poladroid again!and this time,i am hundred percent addicted!!i started to search for all old pictures from japan,london,hari raya,munchkins,and God knows what.i was s0o preoccupied from 12.30~7pm.doing nothing but poladrooollinggg!! ;P ouh and here are few of the pictures i've droided!;)

cool kan?ok enough.i just can't stop!wait till i finish my polaroid excited to do it.hihi.thanks to dzu of cos!;) i super love cool and makes me smile smile off to bed now.can't wait to droid all the picasa.oh what's even cooler? picasa 3 baby!i first found out that the only sware that can do polaroids was picasa.started with picasa one.but the latest picasa is wayyy cooler!and they can piled up all ur pictures like the first features.but enhanced with twisting and putting from back to front all u want polaroids pictures!make multiexposure.make collages.gosh!i can spend hours on these two apps!and i made this as my desktop background dream vacation with my favourite thing ;)

ok peeps.just something to share with you.i'm happy today.doing my favourite past times.its been awhile i've stopped photo editing or clowning with cool softwares.i'm happy though.despite slightly unhappy.but i had a great weekends ;) and definitely looking forward for wednesday <3 have a good nite peeps.much love xx

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

hi,hi.miss american pie <3 was madness!slept at 2am previous night.planning to read on Malaysia Kita,end up..the book was reading,went to the PTD exam today at SAS's old school.and it was as usual.hectic.tiring.sleepyyyy..i had the first paper like burning up my brains :P huh.very very general knowledge man!and two essays?!i was burned!lucky the essays was kinda easy.and i <3 the analytical and calculation part.

fahmi is taller than ahmad.ahmad is taller than abu.abu is slightly taller than fahmi but shorter than ahmad.who is the tallest?

hehehe.yes,that was one of the questions.40qs in 45mins??hoh.i skipped 3qs but managed to answer it at the end ( a bit time consuming though) so i was all day long squeezing my brains out.had a baddd heavyheaded.chilling myself under this shady tree..

me chilling.
chilling under the shady trees : heaven

slammed on a table during break for almost half an hour.woke up just in time to finish my exams.and i am DONE!and i found this before i head home

how cool is that?sweeeeet huh?

found it at SAS.i think it's the 'abang' guard's i head home.dizzy.coz i didnt have anything for lunch.except for sandwiches for breakfast and loads and loads of plain i decided to savouring this!

this is my current affiliation baby!superrrr sedapppp!!i've never met such super neat strawberry pie.i promise u!if u try it,it'll skip your heart a beat!some girl from work ordered from her friend.we ordered one.just for testing.and ya Allah!i am s0o gonna order another one next week!demm~ how am i supposed to have a dream bod with all this food from heaven?? ngaaaaa~~ and so,i hope i could wake up for my weekends session at the park.i am s0o lazy bum lately to even run for 5miles.i am up to fours but not fives anymore.dang!mengapa??? :p:p anyhow,i can't wait for wednesday.payday,new baju from gJa,another strawberry pie!!,and movies with my girls.weeee!just what i needed.but come again.going back to office on monday is definitely a turn off.demm!

i miss MY girls :( oh babe,thanks for calling me.u know who u are!all the way from there. i definitely miss u!<3and why ur mom hasn't call eh?i setia je menunggu nih :P and psst!psst!mrs sofie,i want u to try that strawberry pie.later i bring to ur house i can see ur house too ;p and to miss nurul huda,ii ne.happyou owatta!sila hapdet blog anda.hehe.ok peeps.gotta crash bed now.supppperrrrrrr tired.need a GREAT rest.have a nice weekends peep! ;0) much love xx

current song : kiss me by sixpence non the richer

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

get lost in my world,in my dream

harini enhancements tak jalan.sebab pagi2 duk siapkan application for gg n yk.sangat the time nak lunch.duk tengok2 coding yang nak tukar.end up tired.then turun awal giler sebab arini 1901 jual hotdog murah.every 19th of every month,dia kasi harga new york chicken and chicago beef regular from 4.99 jadi 1.99.crazy murah kan?i i had hotdogs for lunch.and maybe for dinner too.sebab i bought two.hoho.then suddenly after lunch like weird customer issues came stupid.i wanted to start my enhancements!esok last day i'm still stucked at the office figuring out the solutions.pelik tau.they can come up with DAMN weird errors!so stupiddd..i tell u.oh well,sure esok pecah kepala balik lambat.haih..lucky i've completed 3/4 by today was wasted but still ok lah.coz esok continue just one more enhancement.can double check on monday

and then by the time tension..i googled.gigli island.alan is going there another 24 hours i guess.he deserves it by the way.doctors have no time to themselves.*sometimes* then i started to google for islands.eiiiiii..i neeeeeeed a vacation!!! and i saw this!

and this

and this is definitely where i wanna sleep in!

and this

so nice kan?heaven on earth.*sigh* then put this picture as my desktop now.

i loveee beaches.i wanna take loads and loads of pictures so when i look will put my mind at ease.there's more : fujikawa and baby..i'm going to...


in less than a month!i can't waittt..haihh..get lost into my world peeps.coz i know this is what you longed for <3 have a nice thursday.much love xx

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i just had two slices of canadian pizza.haha.

are u kidding me?i just had two slices of canadian chicken wing and a slice of garlic the office!it's my first time to eat canadian pizza by the way.i just came back like 2 hours ago.just had my shower like superrr tired right now.streamed skins at work.haha.damn.hectic.hectic.hectic.when enhancements coming in.i can be miss i-don't-know-what's-the-time-now-and-i-don't-have-a-house.came back at 10ish.drove like usual.takut lalu tunnel.hungry and grumpy.glad that noone's awake when i got i don't have to make decent conversations after a l0ongg monkey went M.I.A.i think the 'off days' are almost i don't like to be the one who's have to keep reminding.hoh.sombong nyeww.haha.i just finished watching dH.i like orson.and the part he said : "you've promised" really hit bree is s0o busy with her catering and she keep on promising orson that she'll cook pot roast.(betul ke eja?) and at the end she didn' she came back late.and orson is still waiting for her to cook him the pot roast.she said she'll cook it tomorrow.but orson insisted her to do 'right now'!so..bree pun terpaksa masak pot roast tu tengah malam buta.sambil menangis.kesian dan padan,saya rasa..bila anda berjanji..jangan tangguh.sila simpan kata-kata anda(direct translation terus hoho! : keep ur word.) dan do it right sapa yang agak2 ada janji nak buat apa2 ngan saya ke.nak kuar ngan saya ke.nak ajak saya minum ke.sila kotakan janji anda.(build a city out of ur word ke??) .sekian.selingan kisah desperate housewives dan keeping ur words.tamat.

anyways,apepun..saya unwind.kasi hilang stress.esok nak kena bangun pegi keja lagi (takkanlah merangkak pegi kerja?) and hecticness starts tomorrow!!eh today!! (sebab now is today.tsk.tsk) i have 3 crazy pendings enhancements.2 pending customer issues yang sangat lembap responsenya.and i have 3 application forms to be crazy exam on saturday.and i definitely havent even flipped a page!ya Allah..permudahkanlah.please make it happen this time..saya ni menggelabah sikit.tapi insyaAllah..berkat kesabaran and urmm..time management yang bagus *tepuk*tepuk*tepuk* i will make it happen.sila berdoa untuk saya (>__<) i have another month towards unwinding myself in paradise on earth.ola paradisa!mi esperar~muehehe.and another 2 weeks towards mrAZ <3 i definitely definitely can't wait!!!nite peeps.much love xx

p/s: banyak drama series nak tengok.heroes season 1-3,greek season one 10 episodes tak start lagi.skins.90210.movies yang many things to catch up.hihi.i miss mr matthews and encik freddie.auwww!!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

knock some sEnsE

weeee..erin is happy when she has good food and good friend to share it with.went out with nadz today.netball tak jadi.bummer.but i jog another 4 today.need!need!to loose weight.i hope i'm still below 50.(dah lama tak timbang.hoho) harini tak pegi netball.last minute me,end up watching the incredible hulk.apesal rasa macam dah tengok,tapi still tak ingat few of the scenes.maybe sebab i wasn't focusing on the storyline before.then nadz called.ajak is wokie,went to pick her up at the apartment.tak sempat naik coz i picked her up like dah lambat setengah jam.hehe.i mandi dulu.coz today is so hot hot,hangout with nadz @cake sEnsE today.never been there before.asyik lalu je.din know it has a cafe too ;) so we tried banana chocolate cake,chicken cheese sandwich,mixed fruits juice and strawberry milk shake.yummeh!

as usual.we had our gossip2 session.but nadz can no longer lepak like 1-2 jam ;p althoughhhh..we DID lepak more than an had :

my strawberry milk shake

and our chocolate banana cake

me and our meal

pastu nadz plak with our meal ;p

there were only us in that place.ahad.mana ada orang nak pegi.lagipun belakang kedai ada pasar malam.of cos they go there.he he.the food was ok.sedap pun sedap.boleh pegi lagi next time.but i realized..tempat2 i lepak nowadays are all with cakes,pastries and all those sinful drinks.haishhh..baru kata nak shed some kilos.haha.semangat plak tu makan!

hoho.sedap ke cik erin?

sent nadz to the PILs house and EVERYTIME nak turun kete,kitorang ni dah jadi habit.baruuulah nak bergosip sakan gelak tak ingat.teheee =p maybe kitorang kena duduk dalam kete and gossip kut.asal nak ajak lepak next time tanya :"nak lepak kete sape arini?kete u ke kete i?" hohoho!boleh juge ;p tayah bazir duit makan2 pastu tengok2 dah habes.bayar mahal2.len kali bawak makanan,keropok udang,mihun ke,air tin satu sorang,pastu berkampung dalam kete.gossip.jimat pun jimat.ada aircond lagi.boleh pasang mixed cd masing2.HAHAHA.okey,tak lawak sangat ;p but macam best?maybe naik mini azz,pastu gelakkkk je sepanjang jalan sebab azz bawak macam urmm..macam tu lah :P hehe.peace azz (^__-)v ..oh well,at the end of the day.kami happy :) lets do it again nadz!!ok peeps.malam ni cite best.kyle xy and oth!(saya masih menonton cerita sebegini sebab saya tak kisah ape jua rancangan di tv memang saya tengok.IKLAN lagi saya suka! ok.selamat hari minggu.cinta banyak xx

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

i'm tired of trying,your teasing ain't enough

morning!i skipped my jog today.shucks!i was sleeping in late because waiting lah.end up itu orang dislocated dia punya arm??in sleep somemore!and off to see the doctor.nasib baik dia bagitau.if not me waiting til morning.nak gelak pun ada.dislocate masa tido?? i slept at 3 updating my travel blog :) yep.actually memang dah ada.just that i haven't updating it after coming back from keep updated peeps!i will be updating it soon.most of the trips started back in need to find all the old albums.but i will definitely try to find a time to update on my travels i've been throughout these five years ;)

friday was the happiest day ever.done my work before lunch.morning talk with monkey. *snigs*snigs* i can't stop grinning!glad i didn't have my webcam on.then he'll see my kerang busuk face.i hafta cover the mouth with shawl becauseeee...i was webcaming at WORK!haha.sorry boss.i have too!but it won't happen again ;p but yeah.saw his face made me smile the whole frickin day..teheee=D he got a week off.yipppoo!!i don't know what i put myself into.haha!anyhow,need to get the applications done for the 'thing' by the end of the and han is hoping for good luck for both of us.i somehow wish that its one way to get lost from this world for a while.bosanlah itu tempat.haihh..dah nasib takpe.malas nak pikir2 stress sorang.wah today is valentine's.and i dun have any plans.tak elok pun nak end up lazing aroun.yes.still waiting.obviously its night time d :( tomorrow,got netball plans with denise,inarah,fatty and immi.haihh dah ayam pencenlah.its been urmm..3-4 years okay tak main.i dun think i can still shoot a we'll just hafta see tomorrow then.teeheee =D ok peeps.have a nice weekends.happy 'lovers' day <3 much love xx

current song : adele, tired

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

should i just keep chasing pavements

had my day off today.went to get my license ;) the photo was katak bangun tido.seriously.then off to renew my IC,this time looked better.haha!for the first time,i smiled showing off my teeth.heee ;p last time was when i'm wearing braces.haih..that one looked like samseng kampung with gigi scarry.hahaha.and lil munchkins s0oo active today.end up sleeping off on the way back.i ate 1 and half roti canai at yusof haslam's.mams and dad ate rice,but me trying to diet (lah konon) decide to eat roti canai ONLY.then got home.dozed off with lil munchkins

dad snapped our super hectic face

then i woke up with a massiveeee headache and very very hungry!so much of a diet erin.woke up and cooked fries with was burning hot today.i was sweating in sleep.lil munchkins : undisturbed.(that's why people said : sleep like a baby) tsk.

did u watch grammy's?adele is superbb!!i'm listening to chasing pavements like every day!i love her speech.cute,in tears.i superLOVEEEE coldplay and JT ;;) i knew i have wicked taste in music.haha.M.I.A,definitely needs to be missing cause she looked fuggly in that minnie mouse polka dots dress.hello?? ouh!mrAZ *blush*blush* is so kacak with his goatee.can't wait to see u baby!<3 oh,speak of the angel ;) the tix for the rm258 was sold out.dayme!i should've bought it earlier!but the rock zone's still as soon as i got my pay.i'm gonna buy it.i promise!=D me and han is definitely going.and i've booked the package for Perhentian Island baby!! i am going to P.I end of march.i'm gonna stay in : LONG BEACH BABYYY!! i definitely can't wait for march to come!there's s0o many things need to be done by the end of this month :

* wardrobe revamp

* try wendy's

*renew to full license

* book for perhentians

* call monkey regarding java

* do savings for bandung?

* plan for java,jogjak (next year)

* buy mrAZ concert tix

* do savings for tabung bantuan ke CA (seriously i need this)

* fill up the forms to be submit (ya Allah please help me on this!)

i hope i could make it through the month.i'm broke.haha.well this month's salary goes to my wardrobes ;P next months : perhentian and mrAZ,april+may+june : bandung..hmm tell me..when is it for tabung to CA??hahaha.adeh nuwennn..cane nihh??:D:D nak beli pavvi lagi,dlsr lagi.well,i guess u can't have all at once, it through baby,work it through :) insyaAllah.oh well..can't wait for friday!<3 have a nice wednesday.much love xx

p/s:maybe i need to start my travel blog :)

current song : chasing pavement by adele <3

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

anak saya study dengan kura kura

leps with nadz+shoe on sunday night.goshhhh!!we laughed like i have no voice left!!seriously..its been ages that i laughed like mad.shoe+nadz = very very funny!! i actually saw a guy was making faces at : "ape minah2 ni gelak kuat sangat?? >:( " we were really really loud!!i'm glad that we could meet up after a lo0onngg hectic weeks for nadz with all the receptions,nikah etc.alhamdulillah..all 4 ceremonies went well =) another 2 to go right?or is it one =D and shoe was telling us about this makcik,trying to make conversations with the officemate ke ape benda ntah :

situation : group of ladies,circled up to gossip.caution : mereka sangat kusyuk nak dengar sorang satu punya each person has story to tell.and they are all having lunch (i think so lah ;p) then the makcik started to 'open story' ;p and shoe was actually kusyuk makan conversation adalah ala makcik joyah tengah sibuk nak gossip

makcik : korang tauuu?? anak makcik....(paused,amek nafas nak sambung cerita)

shoe and the rest : *kusyuk mendengar* (-.-")

makcik : dia ada kura2...

shoe : (dalam hati....okeiiii...)

makcik : dia,study...dengan kura2...(paused..)

shoe : *sambil menelan makanan..dalam hati :pastu??*

makcik : ........... *sambung makan*

shoe : *dalam hati..lahh dah abes ke???*

kawan2 lain : (-.-") ?????

whattttt?!!! hahahaha..shoe cakap dia ingatkan ada sambungan??punyalah dia setia menanti kesudahan kura2 tu.kut2 kura2 tu terjatuh meja ke..ataupun,bak kata nadz :

"tiba2 kura2 tu berdiri,(sambil nadz menunjukkan jari 'ha ha tak tauu!!') adik,time is golden"

ya Allah!!! memang kitorang gelak gilerrr!! time is golden??!!!! kura2 bangun?!! goshhhh memang laahhhh..pastu mulalah sorang satu buat kesudahan kura2 tu sendiri (btw,cite kura2 tadi dah habes ok..kitorang tambah kesudahan kitorang sendiri plak lepas tu.he..he..) and we were like god knows how many times did we laugh!!like every seconds!selang 2 saat gelak balik.memang exercise perut pleasee!! i had a great time altho the pisang was super manis.and the ABC was superbbb!(also manis) seriously,kaem,you have a gang now.i laughed s0o hard that i cried.teheee =D so we decided to head home coz its getting dah risaukan lah..orang baru kawen.seri dia 'bercahaya' ;p kang ada plak orang lain mengorat.hiks.thanks nadz!! more hangouts to come aite ;) and thanks for the superb wants more??!! boleh tak?? ;p ya Allah.dia kata dah lama tak makan marble cake yang macam tu.hehe.but no worries.i adviced her not to have sugar high ;)

gladly..esok my license to kill.weeehoo!!gosh can't wait to watch benjamin button,my monkey's call and bubu trip!!and of course!chunkie is coming home soonn!!! pretty damn soon!miss u chunkie! <3 ok peeps.tonight is dH season 5!i am fully occupied till to u peeps soon!much love xx

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

ride with my mini.

wahh.this is my 600th entry!! wowww~! hehe.anyways,i just finished washing my and out.kasi wax sini sana.and wallah~ saved 14bucks carwash @rasta.haha.i was texting alia about her new ride.her mini is exactly like azz's.sweeett ride lia!my dream ride lah babe <3 then i remembered!i have a funny video we took when azz's was taking us for a ride on her mini.seriously.i can't stop grinning!and if u could listen carefully,azzwaa told azz "cuba guna u punya logic akal..tau mana nak keluar" hahaha.i nak gelak.waa so garang!!:P sebab masa tu azz tengah tanya,nak pegi kiri ke kanan!!!goshhh!!the only way we could go was straight!!!XD and the meter!i tell u~ never moved more than 40kmph hihihihi.see!me laughing again ;p so cute la u azz!that's why i miss u!! then u can hear nadz's voice about carrefour and tesco at the end of the video "setengah barang carrefour murah,setengah barang tesco murah" lawak la u girls!i miss u girls already.anyways,enjoy! xx

note : azz's a bit confused on driving if she's been in london for too0o

i miss my londoners

current song : i'm like a bird by nelly furtado

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

i want sunburnt just to know i'm alive

what a day :) went to nadz+sofie's reception,sofie's usual.weddings : many people+more fatty food+more pictures.oh did i tell u?i scratched my knee??haha.i fell off from via's car!!it's a fortuner i think.i FORGOTTEN that i was riding a 'high leveled' car.then,when i was getting off the car when my heels stucked at my kain and i fell on my sujud!it was hillariously embaressing!!BUT..the food was good.the crowd was good.and i am happy :)

the girls who came from left:via,alia,me,ayu and shoe

with the newly weds

i'm still in wedding mood.reminiscence nadz+sofie's relationship and weddings.come was sweet.the sweetest i've ever been to.maybe because i witnessed all the ceremonies they held in KL ;p i prefer the hall most,of course!because we had the greatest crowd there (sspians la kann..) and i laugh alot.and had fun taking pictures.hehe.and the most tiring day!but it was a great experience.for my best friend =)

went to the final ceremony in sofie's house just now.for dinner.had two cups of teh i can't sleep.uploaded pictures.took pictures some more.missing monkey.found this sweet msn.

p says (3:03 PM):


e says (3:03 PM):


e says (3:04 PM):

are u ok monkey ?

p says (3:04 PM):

cause rindu kamuuuuuuuu

e says (3:05 PM):


e says (3:05 PM):

rindu kamu juga

p says (3:05 PM):

juga means like way too darn much?

tsk.made me smile =)

rindu budak ini.saya menggunakan software yang dzu!

************************opsss filtered out.too crappy****************************

ok 2.13 am.i am feeling a weee bit sleepy now.need to get some sleep.going for jog tomorrow.pleasee i need 5kms!feel a weee bit heavy at boom boom.ok peeps.selamat hari thaipusam.will post more random pictures soon :) nite.much love xx

current song : angels on the moon by thriving ivory

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Friday, February 06, 2009

oh aliennn..u'll be just fine

today is a busy busy stressed.need to help stella to finish on her enhancements.hlb's server weng.cannot send email to kinda hard to support the issues for everything is pending till tuesday.dayme!i hope i don't have short memory span (siot boss said i have short memory span!) very weird.i think i did kuttt ;p brains filtered out all the unhappy and unwanted thoughts lahh.not that i have a short span whatsoever.i just don't like being so department lunch.what's the purpose oso i bosan.cos it was held in penang village.the food : not delicious,at all.but the BIG Q is that : what's the purpose of having the lunch?just to gelak2?or to buy us so that we won't leave the company?orrr..i got much meaner thoughts..he he.maybe they keep on telling us no bonus.but instead,bought us lunch.bad llama!how can BONUS replaced by not so good food.haihh..not so clever people..not so clever

it's been two days now.since i haven't switch off my pc..tulah.sape suruh bagi sms pagi2 i decided to just let it on.sampai subuh.heee :D (back to september 2008 babyy) anyways,am waiting for hotel 626 to load seloowww..dunno why.maybe too many people playing online.but even the intro voice was s0o me goosebumps!so senang now,everything's online.i remembered the very first person who has internet when i was in primary school.farah khairina.she has every single updated things.she has internet.she has rollerblades.she's the first person to wear guess stuffs.(dulu2 guess? macam gempak abes.hoho) i remembered that we went to her house and she was chatting i tell u.IRC.masa tu paling glamour is IRC.and ICQ eh?yang bunyi cute tuuu.. "ah-auh!" *sila imagine bunyi ICQ* i used to have an id.but the id was so complicated that i decided to have ym and msn.i started 'internet active' when i was 15 i think.haha.everytime i go to dad's office (masa tu kat ssp masa overnight mesti pegi office ayahku di putrajaya) mulalah tercongok depan PC.sambil chatting.takde keje.oh,i started friendster in 2003.woww!dunia di hujung jari.semua benda guna computer je.but who knows,even now.i kerja pun guna computer.he he.programmer some more.10-12hours in front of the pc.juling pleaseee..

apepun,i like it 'here'.i feel kinda remind me of a video in youtube on social networking.haha.that one..pretty damn lame!and funny too.i don't think having a social network is pathetic.its not like long time ago..when u don't have friends,u made friends with cyber friends.but nowadays,u tend to meet them 'real life'.so no harm ;) i think its kinda cool.who have thought i have more than 400 friends.woww!can u imagine.when u were little..u only have friends from ur same classroom or sekolah ey ;) oppss..okie hotel 626 is ready to rumble.go try..scaryy babbeeeee!! hotel 626 ok.wanna rock some socks and off to bed.have a nice weekends.nite peeps.much love xx

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

hello heaven!

aiyaiyaii!!i almost flipped out when my express music suddenly went hanged!for almost 15mins!it was surely a heartwrenched life tau.drama kan?haha.i know ;p's ok now.*lega* first day of lazy.feels like blogging at work but got mata2 gelap spying on each and every movement.adehhh!!today mf is not everything seemed so bored.but no stress.went out for lunch early.came back early.did some more readings and investigating client issues.bore.bore.bore.then my eyes glued to this!i 'accidentally' bought it at the mall downstairs.i recalled the thick hershey's chocolatey taste.and the salty taste from the peanut butter.super marvelous i tell u!i never liked peanut butter before.but this one,is a YES YES.(siap tertelan air liur lagi nihhh)

reeses nutrageous by hershey.hellllooo heaven! i am officially addicted!

ouh here goes the rest of my entry.its gonna be yummy and juicy ;) went to teapot last week.TWICE.had the yummilicious scones.yummeh!!i never tasted such yummy scones!seriously,it's cheap.rm3.90 per set.went with my collegues and i immediately fell in love! at the first 'taste'?=p look at this!

how yummier could it be?then we had fried calamari.i *heart*.u know me and calamari.we so close like glue.haha.ok.drama.but also yummeh i tell u!!

and sweet potatoes salad.aiyaiyaiii~

went there on thursday.and went again with kaem on saturday!dua kali pegi tau!siap sesat lagi on the way back.well the first attempt was more like 'redahh' 'i' lost my way back to ttdi.but after having lunch @santai with kaem.(we even had cheese tart for dessert.aish!) went to OU and we were hungry by the time we finished present we headed AGAIN to teapot and had yummy scones fresh from oven with hot peach tea..ahh..hellooo heaven again!(i know u want it azz!:P)

on friday,after nadz's nikah,kaem and yatt went to wondermilk for makan2.i had baked potato beef rasher!sumpah sedapppp!!makan time hujan sure tak bangun dah dari kedai tu ;p

with caramel wondermilk to go with it.muchhh yummier than lel's irish cream.hehe

and then,kaem and yatt had bbq chicken sandwich.poonnn sedappp!!

we surely had a great time.fulled tummy.kami happy =)

susu hebat.MEMANG hebat ;)

weird pose erin ;p

ok peeps.hope u enjoyed my updates on fooooodehhh!!dey,don't drool.i drooled more when i see nagasaki pictures soon.with u in bikini of cos.haha!miss u dey!have a good night peeps.much love xx

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Monday, February 02, 2009

and so two become one

alhamdulillah.the reception went well.nadz's now on her way to pangkor ;) everyone was happy.I was happy.met my sspian u can see the pictures in fb.(penat nak blog again.hehe) plus,i couldnt get good pictures like in nikah.but still,i had a great time taking pictures.getting best shot i could for azz :) *kan best kalau ada slr!haihh..* thanks to via,alia and kaem.for making it happen too!!love u girls!!hope to see u girls soon!all in all,nadz was the prettiest girl that night..=)

anyways,i just watched maut today.not bad.not too bored but the movie was quite urmm..quick.the movie was for only 1 and half hour.the storyline's interesting.there were three main part.but as i said,each part were played for half and not much elaboration were done on each part.but it was ok.oh but i don't understand why did the lady who played air hostess suddenly repent.she didnt show when did she had a fight with her husband or what did make her suddenly insaf.and during the que haidar part,i don't understand why does a lady who happened to have his baby came into the picture.i think the movie was a bit in rush.but yet.its a simple movie and understandable.not much conflict or crisis ;) but a bit 'tak kemas'.i'll give them 4 stars :)

haih esok lazy.u know what do i feel right now?nak kawen XD waitt..til i tell u the reason..he he.i nak kawen because i dun hafta work,i want someone to give me food,shelter,pay my rent,my bills,my car and buy me nice clothes!hahaha.boleh?? heaven nye kan?in fact i am superrr envy dey right now..she's in nagasaki having the time of her my favourite country in the world!syiokknyee!happy for you dey!!again,i am so jeles.*saya tau.jeles2 tak elok ;p* haihh..i miss all my favourite people.monkey is another part of the world.nadz is in pangkor.duhhh.dekat giler!;p and azz is in london!can't u be any closer azz?? :D but i hope to see u girls soon!i know i'll meet nadz soon.but i'm giving sofie a chance la.since he's now legally hers!he he.and azz!hope to see u in july ;) i miss all of you!! my mom siap cakap :
"kesiannn..tinggal erin sorang!" boleh tak?? he he.ok peeps.what i DO know where to find me girls + boy :P gotta crash bed.back ache.old woman ;p nite2 peeps.will update on my outing to susu hebat+teaPOP?? haha kidding.that's my joke with kaem.oYaSUmi xx

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