Thursday, January 08, 2009

you're my own brand of heroin year mode still.i think i have toooo many pictures to be uploaded.but this is only with 1GB memory card.make it 2G (cause i have two cameras :P ) imagine if i have those dslr with high resolutions camera.haihh..i will be filling up my facebooks with thousands of pictures.typical.anyways,i'm glad that crazy person could not read my blog anymore.but i hate to make people logging into my blog just to read.(i don't like logging into any blogs too!very maa fan!) i wish the crazy person will just lost memory and forgets my URL.stupid stalker.taking about crazy.i was at work.pretty much wired and trying to find humor and amusement at work.i decided to msned a friend sending her loads and loads of edward cullen's picture.when i accidentally dragged the picture and put it on the msn background.and this is what happened :P

crazy kan?but i liked it.haha.and i am now officially addicted to twilight.i read the book while waiting for the traffic lights gone green.i read it while waiting my mom in the car.i snuggled into bed and read it right after i arrived from work.i forgot to take my bath,my dinner and i was almost gone to bed ( i hafta switch off the lights by that mom won't wonder why am i sleeping late) when i decided to take my small flashlight.haha.and read in the dark!!'s like my own brand of heroine i tell u!! i was talking to a friend online when he was asking which was the best scene. i was answering with WIDEEE smile on my face! "urm i think the scene when they gone officially coupled in public." (as mentioned in previous entry) aiyarkk..very high school kan? but tell me..when was the last time you seen a guy been superrrr manis like this?? NONE kan? not like any typical romantic movies ;p haihh..i can't wait to start on new moon.and the next book and the next book.i almost forgot how addicted i can!esok dey akan bernikah.wahhh deyku~ ur gonna be a wife soon!the time has finally come ey :) hope to see u on saturday.ok peeps.gotta get back to work.will update on dey's wedding ;) have a nice thursday..much love xx

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