Thursday, January 01, 2009

you know i loved u

it had been a great year.but it reminds me of 2005.sad but happy but i <3 it more.thanks for blissful and blessful moments.unwind and relax.let the old be gone and the new to be fond :)

old friends reunion for yasmin

the hot aliaa looking hawt
long time bff <3
my lava!:)

2008 the year of weddings & engagements

the jap exchange students reunite.ecah's wedding

along najib's wedding

missy anem + amoeba's wedding :)

aysha+ikhwan's wedding

missy mizz + faez's wedding

jid + foy's wedding

aisyah + ali's wedding

eija + azrin's wedding

my babe's engagement

nadz + sofie's engagement in august
azz's in december

good friends,good music and good food!

++ wondermilk ++
la bodega with skttdi2ans

avril lavigne's concert with chunkie

marie' digby baby~

italiannies with the group :)
hari raya qurban with nadz+mams

secret recipe with sspians

new friends

dzu from ++ wondermilk ++
paul from BC


april 2008 : jakarta

august 2008 : melaka

november 2008 : manukan,kota kinabalu

crazy nights.crazy bffs.

but all in all.i ended 2008 with all the important people in my life :) good friends,family and food

have a blessful 2009!

i leave u with the 2009 eve video taken by baby bro @ the curve

to 2008,

you know i loved's been great.lets broke up :P

much love xx erin adnan

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