Saturday, January 24, 2009

someday we'll find the rainbow connection

weeee~ what a great week!despite the tense of completing the new enhancement.another 4 hours to go.and i am done with the STRESSFUL work *finger crossed* i got HUGE angpow.two superb at mandarin oriental,not so yummy.pftt!but another one was the best!at aunty's highly recommended :D the assam fish is superbbb!and the kangkung belacan too.aiyayai!!tipsyyy!! and then i met nadz for dinner @rasta.had the best laksa i've ever eaten (besides mom's of cos!) so far.rm5 only.go try peeps! ;p and had breakfast today.superrr happy.laugh and laugh and laugh.i don't think we can go laugh laugh until my urat perut is s0oo tensed!!!XD to add text and spoke to monkey! :"> tipsy!!after 3 weeks.*BIG DEAL erin!:p * SAYA HAPPY!:)

i haven't spoke to nuwen for a week now.where have you been nuwen?are u okay?i bet you're busy settling stuffs for graduation.and completing you ronbun soon.i hope that you're okay.if u ever read this :) and my dear denise,i hope to see u soon too!i think u better start kerja on february.because we are s0o gonna go to nadz nikah ceremony right? ;) i hope january will end with happy good meeting kaem soon!we're gonna go movie and wondermilk next week!weeeee~!! best's like every 2-3months we need to get those bbq beef baked potatoes for our monthly dose :P *gosh sedapnye bbq beef tuuu!!* and azz!we need to bring you to wondermilk lah!the place is nice tau!they are expending soon in we will have bigger wondermilk maybe ;) i really want you taste the cuppacakes and those yummilicious tuna melt and bbq beef baked potato!:)

i need to do wardrobe seems like i have the same old clothes i had for the past 6 months? :P hmmm..but i'm saving some cash for jason mraz's concert in march.and i'm definitely buying the front row!but the rock stand (second front row) is slightly rm100 cheaper.but still,its quite to the front.which one should i buy peeps?the frontmost or the second row? :D *confused* kalau ikutkan nafsu tamak haloba nak zoom camera biar nampak lubang hidung jason mraz memang nak beli depan sekali.(sebab memang dah simpan duit angpow untuk tengok jason mraz ;p ) but if ikut akal waras and mana tau if i get lucky..rempuh2 stand.tiba2 "aik!dah kat depan jason mraz dahh.." :P so beli je tiket second front.and i dapat save rm100.tak ke? he he.harap2 by the time i made my decision there are still front stand on sale.hope tak habis lagi.duk fikir nak depan ke taknak lah ape lah :P so what say you?

current song : rainbow connection by jason mraz <3

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